Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back in the Summer of 69...

That damn song is in my head.. Last night while wandering around and trying to figure out what to do in Helsinki, I came across a band that was playing and that was the first song I walked into.. I stayed for a while, cause it was the only crowded place, for a while I was thinking this city is dead on a Wednesday night, but when i eventually upload the pictures you will see I managed to have some fun. It was the night of cover bands, cause not only did I get Bryan Adams in my head, also heard some bad CCR doing Fortunate Son. I dont have Summer of 69 on my mp3 player, so its going to stay in my head for a while, thankfully i do have CCR, so i can play it and get it out of my head.

Damn finland is EXPENSIVE, paying 5.80Euros for a Pilsner Urquell are you kidding me last time in NYC I had one it was 7 bucks and that was at Mikey Jordans in Grand Central.. even a Coke at 2.2euros is out of control. So I will be glad when I am out of this place, which will happen at 630pm tonight as I take a ferry to Estonia. Sorry for bad typing, as these keyboards are different, I even tried to Google something and damn google is in finnish.

If ever in finland, dont try the Salmari, i think it translates as Black Death.. nah actually its Black Licorse. That is what I was doing shots of, at least they were a good value at 4.80Euros each.

The look on her face is like what is wrong with this tourist, I'm like they must not get enough Chappelle Show in Finland cause It's a Celebration Bitches!!

You would think this is the land of blondes, but actually alot of girls have redhair. I am sure its a dye job, but havent asked. Everyone is also very young and speak perfect English, so that is good when you are in a crowded bar trying to be understood.

I am trying to upload pictures, but so far cant find a computer with a USB port, i think I will have more luck in Estonia
Drink Up!


Larry said...

So, at 5.8 euros, how much did that Pilsner cost in dollars?

Larry said...

So, at 5.8 euros, how much did that Pilsner cost in dollars?

Anonymous said...

How many ml's was was the Pilsner? Then, after you tell me that, convert it to ounces for me please...I'm not from Texas.

Curtis said...

5.80 Euro = 7.42987 USD

.. and Pilsner Urquell ain't even that good!?

Kevin said...

Ayan, is there a way to get a real-time tracker on your blog? So we know exactly where you are? Like with a GPS? I want to see you make it to every country.

And get some new photos up! Why not try

Ayan said...

5.8Euros is about 8 bucks. Pilsner is decent beer Curtis, come on man.. Cant wait till i get to Plzen in Czech republic, going to do a tour of the brewery there..

Kfitz, sorry no real time tracker, I dont have a chip in my head, or at least i hope not. Right now i am in a swanky mall in Old Town Tallinn. Looking at a waterfall in front of me, just making me wanna goto the bathroom.. which costs here... not a good thing for me..

And the Pilsner was the standard 330ml, about 12 ounces..