Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Do I have a sign on my forehead???

London's calling right now. Its about 4:30am back home, but so far no signs of jet lag. The flight was lovely, British Airways gets mad props for being a quality airline. No more taking US carrier for hops across the pond. Was on the grand dame of the skies, the Boeing 747. 2 decks, 4 engines, plenty of passengers. In fact I thought it was a totally full flight from the line at JFK, but I manged to have a window with an empty seat next to me. When I checked in, I thought I was in the back of the plane serving drinks, as I was row 41, but the plane had 53 rows.

So when the first round of drinks came out, the stewart insisted I have not just 1 beer(Grolsh), but 2.. I was thinking to myself, damn do I have a sign on my forehead saying yes I'm about to drink your continent dry. So my first drink of the adventure was had at 35,00 feet, off the coast of Newfoundland, probably over the Titanic. On top of it all the beers were free, I should have had 3 now thinking of it. But between the brew, the acceptible dinner(Lasagne), it was better than a sleeping pill.

British Airways really does it well, each seat you have an individual video monitor and the selection of movies was top notch. I could have watched New World, Walk the Line, Good Night & Good Luck, Goldeneye or X-Men 2. I caught bits of Good Night & Good Luck and Goldeneye. Goldeneye was funny, not sure of the year it came out, but looking at the supposed high tech room, with old ass computer with big CRT monitors I had a laugh.

Even the magazine on the airline was worth keeping. Its called High Life and the cover story was about sailing in Croatia, with another good article about 18 things to do in Dubai from Skiing, to playing golf, to Polo, to Driving in sand dunes. Looks like a cool place to go, if you really wanna live the High Life. Also an article on secret bars, anyone been to The Back Room on Norfolk St on the lower east side, it was written up in there, have to check it out when i get back stateside.

Now killing 3Hrs before my flight to Helsinki in Heathrow, but plenty of options, and I've found a pub, only 9:30am so a bit early, but by 11am, I'll pick up a London tabloid and have a brew before I get on the plane. Not sure which tabloid to buy, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, or whatever.. I think the Sun has the topless page 3 girls, so that might be the winner.

Alright next post coming from Finland


Paul Katcher said...

The eagle has landed. Good luck.

Just don't try to fool us by saying you're now sure which British newspaper has the topless chicks.

I'm guessing you don't get the YES network over there. At least you won't have to stomach CenterStage, in which we find out Danica Patrick's favorite food, as if anyone would care.

Curtis said...

What?? picking up magazines???

WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT PICKING UP EXTRA WEIGHT WHEN YOU'RE BACKPACKING!!! I'd bet money you lose the magazine by the end of the day!

Glad you made it safely.


Ayan said...

CC your right about the magazines, those suckas are going to be left at the Hostel for anyone else to read if they want..

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