Monday, October 02, 2006

Get Yourself some Frequent Flyer Miles FREE!!

One of the slight "obsessions" in my life is earning frequent flier miles. They have come in handy in the past as I have saved money going to Jamaica for my sisters wedding back in 1999, and even got bumped from that flight so I got a $700 voucher for future travel. I also went on my recent europe trip using FF miles to book my ticket. While I am not in the same level as obesssion now in 2006 as I was in the past. For example on a trip to MPLS in 2001 I switched hotels twice and rental cars twice in just a 3 day trip in order to take advantage of bonus programs. I will no longer do that as sadly your miles these days aren't worth as much as the past. Its much much harder to book flights using miles for the most popular destinations, such as anywhere outside of the USA. You have to book way way in advance, and be very flexible in your dates. So now the order of business for me is to use up most of my miles, before they become totally worthless or the airlines start dropping out of business one by one. I had predicted a slow death for either Northwest, Delta, or United all airlines that were in bankrupcy, but looks like they were able to screw their employees out of pensions and cut salaries and manage to stay alive..

Anyway there are always a few offers out there for totally free miles, and these are the best. I'm no longer going to sign up for various brokerage accounts, credit cards, staying at only certain hotel chains, using certain rental cars, etc.. But if I can point and click my way to free miles I'm all for it..

So here we go
250 Free Delta Miles, just simply click to this link 250 Sky Miles and tell them what you like to do while flying.. sorry joining the mile high club is not a choice

Use this 1000 Miles for Creating a Profile to create a login profile for OnePass dining. You will need a credit/debit card and email address. You dont have to dine at all, but If you do want to earn a decent amount of miles without much extra effort the dining programs of the airline are good.

They have been watered down in recent years as to how many miles you earn, but if you eat out alot, there are hundreds of resturants and bars that are in the program. You dont have to do anything special other than pay for your bill with the credit/debit card you have on file and the miles post to your account. No need to ask or confuse the staff. At the highest level you can earn 10 miles per dollar spent. In the past they have offered nice bonus programs, these seemingly have died down, but I have been able to earn a little over 22,000 miles on American over the last 3-4 years just usually by drinking beer or eating wings, as I'm not a big dining out person.

The Delta program, I have no idea of an expiration date, they may pull it from their site at anytime. The Continental Program is from October 2nd, to Dec 31st, 2006. Miles can take 6-8 weeks to post, so do it now.


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