Thursday, October 12, 2006

6.5 million reasons to love the NY Rangers

Just as T.O has 25 million reasons to live, I wish I had 6.5 million reasons to buy this Diamond studded bra for Karolina Kurkova, the uber-hottie model from the Czech Republic. She'll be wearing this creation at the upcoming Victoria's Secret fashion show. The $6.5 million Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra, weighs 800 carats I have never bought a diamond in my life so I have no idea how many that is, but i'm guessing alot, more than i'll probably ever buy in my lifetime.. Oh why are we talking so much about Karolina, well she is a big NY Rangers fan.

Tonight with so many choices on TV, either Grey's Anatomy, the Mets winning game 1 of the NLCS, what did I watch.. yep the NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins. Stills trange watching the game and not having John Davidson in the announcing booth, having basically grown up over the last 20 years listening to Sam & J.D it will take me a while to get adjusted to former Islanders(of all damn people) Joe Micheletti doing the games. Who knows former Islanders dont have a good track record on broadway, remember the Fire Trottier chants?

The Rangers lost in a heartbreaking fashion, with damn uber-sophmore Sidney Crosby scoring with 3 seconds left in the game. Good thing its game 4 of the season and not game 84. I was hoping to see the Pengiuns so called super rookie Evgeni Malkin play, but he is hurt. Instead I'm treated to the first ever goals from freakin 18 year old, he cant shave Jordan Staal and Kris Letang. While the Pens I think still haev no goaltending, they do have great young talent. Watch out for this Staal kid, they are going to be a 4 player dynasty in a few years once the youngest kid, now 15 gets drafted. oldest brother Eric last year showed in winning the Stanley Cup in Carolina he is the real deal.. The rangers have hopefully a decent defenseman in Marc Staal currently in the minors.

I do like the makeup of this Rangers team. I usually dont like signing 37 year old players like Brendan Shanahan but he is probably one of the better "power forwards" in the game. We are still taking too many penalties, and Jagr cant be back at full strength yet. I love the fact we have an established 2nd line now with Shannny, Petr Prucha, and Matt Cullen. This is something we couldnt do last year. Lundqvist is not looking at full form yet, but god help us if Kevin Weekes gets more playing time. Yeah I should be supporting the few brotha's playing hockey, but nope cant get into Weekes. At least i'll support the other brotha Nigel Dawes as long as he can stay in the NHL. But overall the Czech connection is still there with 6 Czechs and 1 Slovak.

Back to Karolina, she and my favorite Ranger Petr Prucha are from the same town in the Czech Republic. Not sure if they are an item, but they were seen dining at Jordan's in Grand Central right before Rangers training camp, you go Prucha!! Alright you made it this far you deserve a reward, a little ass shot from the Vicky Secret's fashion show..
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