Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Anyone seen this man lately?

Talkin about the vampire hunter, Blade himself Wesley Snipes. It seems that Wesley has not paid his taxes for a while and the government would like to take some photographs of him. It seems that from 1999 to 2004 Mr. Snipes didnt file or pay his taxes. He also applied for a nice little $11 million refund for years paid previous to 1999. Know I don't know what sorta crack Wesley was smoking, but he could have been reading some urban rumors about not having to pay US Taxes on any income earned in the USA. There is a sucker born every 7 seconds these days, and people make a living preaching about how you dont REALLY have to file your taxes. To top off the whole shock of not paying/filing taxes but the indictment says that Wesley gave bogus checks worth $14 million to the IRS for his estimated tax liabilities in recent years. Ouch, lets just say this man is in trouble and probably will go down
Maybe Wesley got confused about the difference between Federal and State. Seems that Wesley has not exactly had the best financial advisors in the past few years, in 2003 he had his Windermere, Florida(home of half the PGA tour, and other MLB, NBA players) home sold at forclosure auction. His agents at recently filed a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit against him for unpaid agent fees for recent movies.

To make the story even better, it appears Wesley is on the run. He hasnt made a movie since 2004's Blade Trinity, and tried to enter South Africa using a fake/forged passport in 2005 and was kicked out.. While there isnt a reward that I know of yet, if anyone happens to see Wesley I would call the IRS. I have actually met Wesley on two ocassions at Prince concerts, while he was a nice guy, most of all I can remember about him is just how short he is. Possibly pushing 5"7, but he is a big dude, so don't try to take him yourself, plus he knows all those martial arts moves from his films. I have actually liked Wesley in alot of his movies, but shockingly as many movies as he has made from his big debut in Major League in 1989, he has never starred in a movie that grossed $100 million bucks. Never has been in what is considered a blockbuster film.

I have enjoyed his films, but for himsake I hope he learned a bit about evading the law from his role as Nino Brown in New Jack City, and is living on an island in the south pacific sippin on coconuts, cause his midget self will become someone's bitch at the state pen.
It will be a real life version of his first big acting gig in Michael Jackson's Bad video where the first words Mikey says are "Your butt is mine!!" If you have 10 minutes of your life to waste, check out the long version of the Bad video Mikey and Wesley acting in Bad Video. Filmed at the 8th avenue 14th street A,C,E,L NYC subway station. gotta love those old school turnstyles, even Michael Jackson can evade the fare easily!

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