Thursday, October 26, 2006

Help out my Favorite NYC Band!!

Hey everyone.. Live music is one of my passions along with Travel, Sports and Beer.. When you can combine 3 of those together, we are talking about a PARTY!! Anyway YouTube is having a contest for the most popular underground music video. This band that I've been seeing live for a little bit over 2 years Valeze has an entry. First off Valeze are great on stage, incredible stage presence, all live instruments and talented folks. Second they are freaking cool people, love to drink and party during the afterparty. So right there you have a winner. Doesn't hurt the lead singer is cute and very stylish, so all around they are winners..

Check out their latest music video below, or goto YouTube and watch their video for the song "Go, GO Go" and vote for Cingular YouTube underground Contest
You want to see this video cause it features a bathroom make out orgy with girls kissing girls!! Yeah, now that is a party..

Also you can join their Myspace page at Valeze My Space Page Some upcoming concert dates include
Tonight October 26th in Boston at "The Middle East"

October 31st in NYC at Crash Mansion

November 21st NYC at the Knitting Factory


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