Friday, May 26, 2006

The countries that are going to the party

This commerical that ESPN is running basically says it all and in simple terms. The combination of a great song, Bono's voice and the visuals could make it one of the best commericals i've seen in a while.

Yet as a USA fan, people in my home country do not think much about soccer, how its not popular in terms of TV ratings, publicity, professional leagues, let us remember that most of us involved in athletics as young kids all played soccer.

The USA is making their 5th, yes 5th consecutive appearance in the World Cup. We have qualified every year since 1990. Even soccer nation powerhouses have missed out on recent World Cups. England didnt come to the USA in 1994, The Netherlands didnt goto Japan/Korea in 2002, France missed out both 1990 and 1994 before winning their first ever in 1998. So basically the consistancy the USA has showed is a positive sign for sure. True our qualifying group is nothing like the ultra Competitive European groups, but still 5 times in a row is impressive. Our coach Bruce Arena is the longest tenured coach of ANY NATION in the competition. Lets hope that experience and job security pays off. As I have the feeling Sven-Goren Ericksson of England really doesnt care deep down knowing he is back to Sweeden after this tourney is over, win, lose or draw.. And trust me if he wins, there is NOT going to be a statue of him put up in jolly old England

The remaining teams going to Germany are as follows on this map.
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