Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Give me a Damm Beer!!

I can´t tell you how many times after going into a crowded NYC bar, being 4 deep in line at the bar to order and being passed over by other loud pushy people, i´ve wanted to just say GIVE ME A DAMN BEER. Well here in Barcelona you can order one and not come across as rude, as the name of the most popular beer here is DAMM. Its a good beer, still this is a city and country of wine, yet the beer is acceptible. I had 2 of these, and they came in frozen frosty mugs(an extra .60 euro charge, unknown to me but worth it).

Of all the cities I´ve been to so far, this is the city with the most tourists, it almost feels overrun by tourists, you hear english everywhere you go. Going from the extremes of Lithuania, where people were staring at the american black tourist and very intrigued as to why I would come from USA the so called promise land to visit, to everyone seems to decent on Barcelona. College kids just graduated waiting for either a job or graduate school, Aussies on world travels, London working folks here for a weekend, even whole families. The weather has not been as great as I expected, yesterday was overcast the whole day, while warms temps about 26 or 26, still not sunny and beach worthy. Today was suppose to be bright sun, but I was awoken this morning to a pouring rain, the rain has stopped and hopefully the sun can burn thru these clouds, as there are some sights I still want to see, and the beach here was voted the best Big City beach in the world a few years ago, I dont think it can compete with South Beach Miami, but I will give it a go if the weather holds.

This is also a city of museums, and while I picked out a few I wanted to visit, so did all the other tourists and instead of being cramped in there, i opted just to walk around the city and see it on foot. With only a couple of days here its not possible to even begin to hit all the museums much less the popular ones like the Picasso etc, so i will have to come back on a less crazied pace in the future. This evening I fly back to germany, arrive near midnight and then take a 7am train to Nuremberg for the last USA world cup game vs Ghana, then onto Prague for the weekend, which I am sure will be totally overrun by tourists, but its all good as the Pivo(Beer) is suppose to be world class and will keep me happy.


Anonymous said...

Now looky-here my friend. As much as we love you and appreciate your quest to drink beer across the wonderful land of Europe, we are going to need you to do better on the pictures. You were moving in the right direction with the picture of the two cuties and the one tool yesterday but you have digressed to a frusty mugg and a damm beer. We can get that type of thing here. So up your game. Ive travelled with you too many times to now that the most exciting or visually pleasing thing happening to you is watching big a$$ tv in the middle of the water or looking at a beer mugg. So as I'll conclude - Do better. I've been watching daily for you and I'ma needs to see better things of Europe. I remember much more from the few trips over there I made. Hustle up. Time is a ticking!


Anonymous said...

I read something today about a dude from the east coast getting lost in germany and not being able to remember what hotel he was staying first, I thought it was you. Then, I came to my are basically camping across europe, not staying in hotels.



Ayan said...

CMG.. sorry that you arent happy, i guess I cant please everyone. Since you have never enjoyed an ice cold beer I guess a frosty mug doesnt do anything for ya.. There are cuties here, but honestly the world cup fever is so high, i would rather watch a big ass TV in the middle of the river.. remember the name of the blog, DRINKING across europe.. not whatever is on your mind..

TG.. definately not camping, I dont camp in the USA, so i wouldnt camp in europe.. Staying in HOSTELS, look the word up, basically a room with 5 or 6 other people... totally different than camping and worrying about the racoons eating your food

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