Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Amsterdam... anything you want..

so after a long day of travel finally made it to Amsterdam. Wow, its not what I remember from that last time I was here as a just turned 18 minor. Right now i'm sitting in the back room of a bar, drinking a Grolsh, listening to reggae, not trying to breathe as the smoke is HEAVY... I was like ok in amsterdam, I want a beer, internet and a nekkid girl.. didnt get the nekkid girl, but got a bunch of US Stoners, rolling up and lighting their stuff.... I need to go out on the canal..

Finally everything is in english. the keyboard, the Mozilla, the blogger dot com, everything.. 2morrow i will surely upload pictures from both the USA game and Amsterdam.. First stop Reimebrant musuem, yeah gotta get some cultue, next stop is Henneken Experience, not cheap at 10 Euros, but shit an average beer here is 5 Euros.. so much for the days of 2 Euro beers.. but then again, i'm staying in the heart of the party/red light district.. sleep tonight is going to be tough, but as I always say I'll sleep when I'm dead.. or on a train...

Buy me a beer bitches!!! its not cheap here.. Pk.com first props out to ya.. go Yanks


Al said...

oh hey you rolled up in Amsterdam!!!
ive never been there...
it's got to be a fun city for sure!
have a great time there!
and please, get himn a beer, bitches, hahaha!!!


EJ said...

Well dude. You coulda had a round of drinks on me, but your PAYPAL system ain't working!

Anonymous said...

Ej i'll look into the technical issues.. i've had problem with it from the beginning..

AL.. No i didnt roll up, but basically anywhere you go here, its anywhere you breathe in.. Going to find the Paradio and take a picture