Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A few Videos

I have been taking alot of videos on my digital camera, but due to time and internet constraints they are hard to upload. Yet here are 2 that I uploaded last night, hope these can keep people busy while I am about to take a 5hr train ride to Salzburg, Austria later today. Hopefully weather will be nice and I'll get some nice pictures of the mountains. Also I hear the Beer is good in Salzburg, as its close to the German border, so should be worth the trip. Another country, another beer down.

Here is a video of the Aussies singing their National Anthem before the Italy game.

And here is a video of a group of Brazilian drummers marching thru the streets of Kaiserslautern after the Italy vs Australia game. They were pretty damn amazing I must say, and had been drumming all day long, as I heard them outside the stadium some 5 or 6 hours earlier.


Curtis said...


If you get the chance go here and take pictures:

Mönchsberg 32

brand new building completed last year I think...

Curtis said...

... and you can even have a beer in the museum bar!!

Ayan said...

CC. i went up to that Museum, didnt go in the Museum, but yeah the bar is phat, overlooking the city.. i am down from there, but i have a few hours, i might go back up it was only 1.80 euros and have a beer... and it is a lovely building, i had no idea how they built it on top of the damn mountain