Friday, June 02, 2006

Goodness EEK!!!

Whew, made it out of Finland, it seemed like the slow boat to nowhere, as it took 3Hrs to cross the 18km channel that is the gulf of Finland. I swear we were going in circles cause I saw the same islands a few times. But i think the idea of the boat was to trap people so they could shop, gamble, eat, drink, be merry. I knew Estonia was cheaper when just at the boat terminal, everyone was getting off with 5 Cases of beer, I guess that is the max allow by customs. So you saw every man, woman and even a few children with carts loaded up with brew.

Thankfully nothing bad like an accident happened on the boat, but if it did, it would have been easy to ID my body. It would be the black one! Yeah I saw a few black people in Finland, even one of the bus drivers was a brother, so making me feel right at home in Harlem.. But so far in Estonia no hits on brothers. Last night in a bar I thought I saw a brother, but in the dark we all look alike. He turned out to be east indian.

I found a USB port at the computer in the Hostel, but it is running slow, very slow the internet, but some pictures are coming. Be Patient my friends. But I still need to take pictures of the hot blondes here in Estonia, cause you all have seen pictures of me drinking beer before, rather boring!

Oh the title of this post is about the money. The Estonian Kroone has the abbreviation EEK. Right now its about 1 Dollar is 12 EEks

Only made it to 2 bars last night, as I arrived at 2200 Hrs and took another 30 minutes to find the place I was staying. But by far and far the Hell Hunt is the best bar so far. Incredible beer list and PRICES TO MY LIKING. Duvel for 30 Eeks, Other Belgium beer for 30 to 35 Eeks. The most expensive beers on the list at 40 Eeks were the Imperalist American imports, Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. The real Budvar from Czech Republic was only 25 Eeks. I might have to make it back to Hell Hunt, but the old town in Estonia has tons of pubs, so I will be strapping on my 2nd liver tonight.

Another observation at the 2nd bar I went Havana Cafe, and yes they sell Cuban Cigars and fine scotch, might have to act like Tracy Morgan from SNL and partake in some luxury. Yet I dont think the message has made it to Estonia, that Men dont dance in packs with other men. At least not the type of places I am used to going out to. Yet when finally a song that I know comes on, Axel F (remix), it clears out the dance floor, so I guess its all about the Estonia pop music.

Had a great breakfast at this place Pegasus, how come the bottle of Evian(I know i´m all uppity now) cost more than the rest of the meal. But still the meal was only 112 Eeks for those following at home 10 bucks. I can stay on my budget here for sure.

Technology has surely taken over the world, as Pegasus had Wifi, and among the 5 customers, 3 had laptops. We aint talking no old handme down ones either, iBooks, new slim Dells and the like. I am actually glad I didnt bring my run down, no keyboard working 400Mhz Pentium laptop, I would haev felt like a fool.

Ok off to the bus station, to see how much and how long its going to take to get to my next destination Riga, Latvia. probably leaving on Sunday for there. Pictures hopefully up later today, but most of yall back in USA are just waking up now as my watch tells me its 530am

Drink Up!


EJ said...

Yo! glad to see you made it out to EU. Now where is that PayPal button so I can buy you a couple of rounds!

Ayan said...

E-Mac(I prefer to EJ.. but EJ might be our star at the World Cup, look for speedy black guy number 9). Yeah out of Finland, Estonia is nice and cheap, I hear Latvia is party capital, was going to leave today but will leave on sunday.. Paypal button, having coding issues, see i know i should have spent more time on HTML, more important these days than knowing how to set up a network..)... I'll holla at ya

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