Thursday, June 08, 2006

Baltics are the best

Most americans dont know where the baltics are. After a week here, I urge you to find out.. its a great place as the cities are rich with history, museums, thought provoking things.. and at night in the summer the sun doesnt go down really, but for the few hours it does, you just stay inside at a club and party.. plus the beer is as good as the USA and much cheaper.

Sorry for the unreliable natures of these posts, but this travel schedule that i'm on a day here, 2 days there, doesnt really give me time to gather my thoughts and post in a coherant manner. Yet this picture basically sums up how fun the nights are and why I sleep in till noon. Meeting alot of great people from all around the world, even a few Yanks.

About to get on a bus for Kaunas, Lithuania where my flight leaves the next day. That will be the first really tough travel day cause the flight is at 6am. I'm going to be a good boy and not party all night, but get some rest, as the World Cup starts on Friday, and I'll be in Poland, while Poland has their first game.. yeah its going to be a good time for sure


Anonymous said...


Now you know you cant post a picture of you and some buxom blonde and not give us better details. You need to be flogged.

Good to see you doing your thing.

Craig G

Ayan said...

CMG. Nah dawg there really arent too many details about that. Just taking pictures of the locals. I could have taken alot more, but I would have felt like a dirty old perv. But she was hardcore, drinking that Vodka that is pictured just straight up warm, I has a sip and I was like no thanks. But that bar in Vilnius is packed wall to wall with potential supermodels. You gotta get there my man...