Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well not what I thought

Sorry for the late post today, but last night sucked. The USA got RUN, i mean RUN out of the building, both in fan support, while we were 5000 strong, the czechs were like 25,000 strong.. I dont have anything against the Czech republic either, in fact I love it. A country that has the highest consuption of Beer per person in the world, the best hockey Players in the world, and the hottest supermodels.. But last night I was digusted. The USA simply didnt show up. No one, we were out coached, outplayed, and losing 0 to 3, means even if we wind up with 4 pts, we will probably lose on Goal Differential. After the Italy vs Ghana Game, where Italy won 2 to 0, the USA should just pack the bags.. only Turkey has lost opening game and then gone on to 2nd round. While I will still have hope, last night watching italy beat Ghana hurt, cause the USA next game is vs Italy, if both teams were with 0 pts, it would hae been a fight to the death for the valuable 3 pts, not now, Italy will play one of their famous 0 to 0 draws..

Anyway right now in Duisberg Train station, as my connection to the Amsterdam train was delayed and missed it. have 2 hrs to kill, but its not bad, the station has a casino with internet, a bar where 3 small 200ml beers was a total of 4Euro, and other food, so time can get killed.. I will be in Amsterdam hopefully in time for the Brazil vs Croatia game.

Just as a passing quick note as I dont want to miss this train and have to wait another 2hrs. the atmosphere last night was the best I have ever been to. The USA fans while only 5000 strong were united, I bought a flag and got 2 tattoos on my face. We took over a bar in Gelsenkirchen train station and it was all USA, broke out in the National Anthem between buying tons of beer. Saw people dressed as Capt America, Evil Knevil, Elvis.. everything.. Also caught up with Brooks from SportsbyBrooks.com and Drew of Fark.com cool guys coming over here just for 1 game. If Brooks had his girls dressed up as Wonder Woman, it might have easily caused a Riot.. When I get better internet and time, i will post pictures including one of me draped in an American flag, probably the only time u will ever see that..

Tonight, real Henieken, football and whatever else Amsterdam has to offer. On the beginning of a 3 country, 4 day tour.. belgium and Luxembourg are also on the list, will update my GetJealous.com map soon.. Back in Germany on the 17th for USA vs Italy.. Peace


toto said...

hey man r u ready 4 italia usa?

enjoy your trip


Al said...

gettin in a zone for Italia vs. USA???

you better be if ya' ain't yet

i just hope days will drag on and on and on and on..

that match scares the shit out of me!


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