Friday, June 09, 2006

Kaunas you tried to break me, but I carry on..

Thursday was just simply a horrible day. From first getting the news about my friend Maria, to then the trip and city of Kaunas, Lithuania. It almost broke me, but somehow in the spirit of Maria I found strength and carried on. Let me tell you how it started.

I took the bus from Vilnius to Kaunas(prounoced Konas), because I had a flight from Kaunas to Warsaw. The flight was on WizzAir, a discount airline and only cost 1 Euro Penny, but with the taxes and fees up to 32 Euros total. Yet it was a great deal, as the flight was less than 25 minutes long, and much better than a 6-7 hour bus ride. So as I get to the bus station, I am suppose to leave from stall 37. I see a bus pull up next with the sign Vilnius-Kaunas, so I show my ticket and the man says no, bus on other stall. I am like ok no problem, well then 2 minutes later my bus pulls up and its basically a minivan. Seated 14 people, no luggage storage, no bathroom, no nothing. It was packed every seat taken, so there I am with my backpack under me and uncomfortable. It was only a 100km trip, but in this put put minivan it took almost a solid 2hrs. I slept for some of it, and had to hold back tears thinking about Maria.

Next I get to Kaunas, and its a dump. The Bus station didnt have any maps or information booth. I didnt have a map, there are no street signs, I first try to call the place I wanted to stay and couldnt get thru. I wander around with my 25lb backpack on me going in circles. Finally I find a Tourist information booth and get a map. Its about a 10-15 minute walk to the first place I planned on staying, I finally get there and their hours are till 1730 and its about 1800 right now. So its locked and they have a sign saying after hours call on cell phone.. Some old lady says to me while walking the street "GO HOME.. GO HOME". I was like lady trust me if I could i would get out of this shit hole of a town. Next i'm like Ok there is a hotel I know about and it was only 2 blocks away, but 2 long blocks with damn street signs in this town.

Finally find the hotel, its a much better choice anyway as its right on the town square and was a bit cheaper at 70LTL(about 25 bucks at 2.70 to the dollar). Room was fine, and thankfully had a bathtub, so I was able to do my best to have a bubble bath, but didnt have any bubbles. Anyway the bath was well needed. Then explored the town to find some food, and the town was really dead, not much going on. Ate some Pizza that wasnt that great, but it filled up and called it a boring day around 9pm.

Didnt really sleep that much as worried about my 4am time to leave and not wanting to miss the plane and have to spend anymore time in Kaunas than necessary. Made it to the airport, the cab ride was 62LTLs, a bit expensive over 20 bucks, and i was warned cabbies will rip foreigners off so whatever, i knew to expect it. Thankfully the flight was easy and simple and Warsaw is a big real city. Its early in the morning and cant get into my room at the Hostel till noon, going to find a couch here and crash I guess.


Curtis said...

you win some and you lose some... that is the name of the backpacking game. Those are the moments that seem to make you stronger though.

Keep your head up bro.

I arrived in Paris one time with stifling heat, full hotel rooms, then once I got all the way as far from the train station as I possibly could, train workers went on strike. Not to mention, it was Monday and many of the museums I was trying to see were closed... terrible day... It happens.

Kevin said...

Hey but did you have a beer in Lithuania? You failed to mention if you found any bars open in that town.

I am goint to see Carmit tonight at TimeOut, we will toast you for sure!

Keep blogging away. Only a few days until the game.

Ayan said...

CC.. Paris in the heat, oh no. cause they smell to begin with.. Yeah I did a monday with all the museums closed in Latvia.

Kfitz.. Yes I have had many beers in Lithanunia, you think I was sober when I took the picture with the stunning blonde, come on....