Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Pictures Posted

I dont think anyone is looking at the Fotki pictures, other than Curtis. But I uploaded another 100 or so pictures today, from Frankfurt, Barcelona, USA vs Ghana, Prague, and Italy vs Aussie. So check them out.

Also just a possible request out there, anyone want to Catsit my 2 lovely cats from July 15th to 30th. Someone reliable needed, you get full run of my apartment, and its shockingly not dirty, as I've contracted to my sister to clean it before she runs off to Montreal and leaving my cats to fend for themselves.. You just need to feed them, change box once a week, and you can spend the rest of your time watching my DVDs, listening to my CDs, and drinking my beer(wait, i drank it all before I left, my bad..) contact me if interesting in the job...


Curtis said...

The people are looking man... It's not just me I'm sure!!

Paul Katcher said...

You might get more visits to the Fotki page if you link to the albums.

Ya gotta do a post ranking the hottest female fans by nation.

Anonymous said...

I take offesne as you know I've been checking out the pictures.

I used to be your road dawg now you don't even acknowledge my presence.


Ayan said...

CMG.. Colombia we are going man, buy the bulletproof vests!!!

PK.. yeah My HTML is shit and not being on my own laptop, i just kinda of rush my posts, but when i get some really good beach pics from the Black Sea/Croatia i'll pimp the hell outta them..

CC.. Glad you are looking, do you like the Gehry shots... I wanted to get some Calvatra bridge and a rail station in Belgium, but not enough time.. any other archie's you want me to check out???