Saturday, June 10, 2006

Finally I broke down.. but it was all good

Well Poland did it to me, and it had nothing to do with lack of hotel reservations, heavy bags or anything, All it took was the church, prayers and John Paul.. I'm in Warsaw now.. Poles are a very religious people, they stop at church at lunch and pray for no given reason. I went into a church, saw this picture of Pope John Paul and thought of Maria and lost it. If you know me, i'm not a church going person by any means... Yet 2 or 3 years ago, Maria being from a true Italian family of devout Catholi c was blessed by the Pope.. John Paul send me an angel, please do.. I know I've had angels by my side before.. In 1998 I was driving to MPLS in January, it was icey and snowy.. It was going to be for hopefully a Prince concert and also Maria's birthday party.. Somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin, I was about to bite the big one.. From the left lane, I went into the side ditch, spun too hard, came across 2 lanes and traffic and waiting for the crunch to happen as the road was full of 18wheerlers.. yet nothing happens, myself, my car, everything landed in the 3 feet of snow and was unhurt.. At the time I knew I had an angel riding next to me, as my good friend from high school Michael Sanchez his mother Lynda had just passed away, she was next to me and saved me...

From now on, I know I will have an angel by my side, as Maria will be there..

Whew, glad I was finally able to grieve and all it took was a religious city anda church.. now its on to Germany.. I watched the games with Poles last night, they lost 2-0 not good for them, and being the only black face they must have thought I was from Ecuador, as later the night me and my African buddy from Namibia(no he doesnt know Brad and Angelina), who is actually whiter than me. we got told private party everywhere... Anyway more on this once i get to germany and reliable internet connection..

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