Saturday, June 17, 2006

USA vs Italy Today. 3pm ABC

this is the usa last chance. another lovely day here in the south of germany, clear skies, probably 22 degrees, the game is 2100 local so it might cool down a bit. If the USA does not adapt and play better, might as well pack it up and go home. Well unless Ghana can pull an upset over the awesome lookign Czechs in the early game, looks like Italy and Czech will go thru.. yet if Ghana wins and USA wins, all teams will have 3 pts and only the goal differential will seperate them. I am not as positive as I was against the Czechs, while Italy is not as good of a team, they are still world class

ok Keeping this short as i want to catch a 1557 direct train to the tiny town of kaiserslautern, over 100000 USA miltary are in that area, so hopefully they show up for the pre game rally cheer if not the game itself. I am still waring my USA flag, doing my best black Capt America. Peace Out

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