Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Don't Breathe

That is what you have to do in the Netherlands, basically walk around with a scuba tank strapped to your back. Anytime you try to breath in, you basicially well get weed smoke. At least where I'm staying, I'm at a hostel literally right in the middle of the party area, they have tight security thankfully and you have to show your orange card to get buzzed in.. once in, you are right in the middle of a bar.. So much for the thought of Henieken being cheap here, i paid anywhere from 4.5Euros to 6Euros(it was half a liter so bigger than the normal beer). I guess prices are probably cheaper outside the tourist trap area

At least the keyboard on the internet and brower are in full ENGLISH! YEAH! Germany switched the Z and Y key, so my touch typing skills were interrupted. Todays plans include getting rid of the 78 or so guilders i've found lying around my house and in my dad's awesome europe coin box, should get about 36 euros for that basically what my hostel is for 2 nights. Also plan on hitting the Van Gough, Rembrant and Heineken musuems, there is a cat museum here so that might also be a stop for someone like me..

Watched the World Cup games last night, and actually suprised that Brazil only scored 1 goal. Hell Czech Republic went crazy on our asses, actually alot of Croatia people were in the bar watching so that was cool, since that is surely one of the stops I must make in July when the Cup is over. They have one of the best jerseys for sure in the cup, the checkboard pattern. Overall amsterdam is crazy, alot of americans here, a far cry from Lithuania where I aside from the stares, I literally had people touching my skin wondering if it would rub off. My skin is about a shade darker now, as I spent the morning yesterday in Germany at the beach, who would have thought that, a lovely sand beach in the middle of Germany. They imported in tons of real sand from the carribean, something the french should think about doing as those black rocks in the south of france, far hardly qualify for a beach.

Props to my road dog, no names, you know who you are. Love ya babe, next round on me!!

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