Sunday, June 18, 2006

I know this is suppose to be about the Beers...

Spotty internet access has definately limited what I wanted to do with this blog, so if you are hanging in there, more power to you. I have been keeping notes and taking pictures for sure. Where I am now, staying with 2 awesome german guys, who are semi computer nerds, so they have a nice fast machine, hopefully this evening I can get up the first a few posts that I have archived. Yet its time for a quick overview, sans pictures on this page, but the pictures are over on my Fotki site, so check out the Link in the links section.

Finland. Beer is Olu, the local brew I had was a Karhu, for 4.80Euros I was definately expecting something better, but then Finland is just so damn expensive. A decent beer, but nothing to write home about.

Estonia. Beer is Olu also, as Estonian Langugue is based more finnish than russian. Had 2 popular local beers. A. Le Coq for 35EEK(around 3 USD), and Saku for 30 EEK. Both very nice golden pilsner style beers, tasty and went down easily. A man could live on these easily.

Latvia. Beer is Alus. Most popular local brew seems to be Cesu, this is what I am drinking in the Prince Black Sweat strip club video. It is 2 LVL(3.5USD) at the pole dancing place so that is a bargin, try that in Vegas or NYC, where u can pay 9 USD for a bud light. Its a good beer. You can probably buy it at a bar for even less than 2 LVLs. The hostel I was in, was selling 16 ounce cans of something with a Z for just .60LVL(that is 1.07USD for those of u not on and it was much better than PBR, Natty Light, Milwaukees Best

Lithuania. Beer is Alus again. Seems that Kalnapilis is the most popular. Cost was 8 LTL at Prospekto Pubas(review of this fine place, coming one day soon), that is 3USD. A very tasty pilsner beer, again man could easily survive on this and bread alone. Another popular drink is Fizz this is a Pear Cider, but must say it was very weak, probably around 2.5% alch content, yet it is dirt cheap at 3.5LTL (1.25USD) and very tasty, doesnt pack the punch of a US Cider, but glad to see the concept has made it overseas.

Poland. Tyskie seemed to be the beer of choice my night in Warsaw. The bar I was at, i think it was the only one on tap. People would add raspberry syrup to it for extra flavor, i drank mine straight. Good beer, 9Zl in price, or 3 USD. I have heard polish beer has more to offer I will be back

Germany. Too many to describe here. Basically every place has their own brew, so far the witte beer has been a favorite of mine. Among the Becks, they have a Green Lemon that is tasty on a hot summer day at the beach and a Becks Gold that can be described as Light beer. This is a beer country and they around proud. Mention of my past employment at Budweiser draws hisses from people, as they are angry at the WC games its the only beer sold inside, evil corporate sponsorship!

Belgium. Again one could write a whole blog just about Belgian beer, one that was new to me that stood out this time was the Mystic, a wittebeer with Cherries, this was just simply delicious, I could see this as a replacement to Port for after dinner drinks

Netherlands. Well we all know Heineken, and its all over the place, yet the price swings widly from 4 or 5 euros in red light district, to 2euros away from tourist traps. Other dutch beers are Amstel(and not talking Light all u ladies and carb counters), Grolsch, and more. Dutch are proud of their beer, but i think more proud of their weed.

Luxemboug. This city-country has really impressed me. The beer I had was Bofferding, a very good deal at 3.5Euros for .5liter. It was a golden pilsner, tasty and good. I will come back to visit this country for sure and see what else they have available.

Next up this week are Spain, where i am more likely to drink sangria-wine than beer, and Czech republic where its all about the Pivo baby!!

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