Thursday, June 22, 2006

USA so called dream is over

Well the USA soccer team is on the way home. Thankfully I dont have to follow them home, as now my trip should start to get fun. The last 3 weeks while I have seen alot, getting back and forth to games has taken a bit of a toll. Now I will be more free after the 26th(have ticket for i guess what will be Italy vs Australia, probably will sell it), I will be able to just wander europe at my own pace. The USA performance was embarassing, scoring only 1 goal of their own in the tournament, and not looking like a team ready to play with the rest of the world. Too many times we had the ball with space right outside the 18yard box and tried to make these stupid fancy cute passes, if u need to score goals, u need to shoot, plain and simple.

Hopefully in the next 4 years, more USA players can get to play in europe and increase their skill level, also if the MLS continues to thrive young players will realize u dont have to be a baskteball, baseball or other sport athlete in order to be a true sucessful professional.

Again this will be a short post, at an internet cafe and tired and hungry after the game, plus I want to watch the late 2100 games to see if Brazil has hit their groove yet, if not watch out Ghana could pull off a huge upset in the round of 16, they look like a young hungry team with not a care in the world, and upsetting Brazil would put them on the world soccer map.

Next post will hopefully be from Prague, land of beer, hockey and supermodels

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