Saturday, June 24, 2006

Prague, Impress Me...

I am waiting on Prague to impress me. While its true that I arrived yesterday after 2 simply horrible travel days, with the USA losing to Ghana stuck in the middle, so far this city that I have been so anxious to visit has yet to blow me away. I have seen rats in the street, garbage piled up and homeless sleeping in the street. I guess that EU 19% tax hasnt trickled its way down to public programs yet.. While there are no skyscrapers, and there are buildings here older than the entire USA history, it feels like NYC in a way..
The Subways are decent at least, very deep, in fact the deepest subways I have seen in a long time. CMG yes there are cute girls here, but nothing like the thoughts of supermodels on every corner. Anyway its saturday in NYC, i know no one is reading, everyone is sleeping off hangovers, its a nice day, so I am going to fight the sleep deprivation of the last few days and hit the town and see and hope it impresses me.. But you know I'll be in front of a TV at both 1700 and 2100 to watch the first of the knockout stage games

edit.. Ok now after an afternoon wandering around HOT(and i mean temp, its like 29 degrees here probably) Prague, i give it a better view. While maybe my expectation on this city were too high it is a lovely place. For 2 years now, I have wanted to goto Prague, i learned all of the most important 3 czech words(beer please, thank you, your a babe) and yet I have yet to use them as everyone here speaks english basically. The Royal Gardens and Hradcany(Prague Castle) are immense and offer a great view of the city from the other side of the Vltava River.

Getting lost in the old town is a good thing, as the streets seem to just go in circles and then you realize hey i've been down here before and you get a decent sense of direction. Again my superior almost built in GPS in my head has allowed me with my Map to pretty much find anything.. well except Jaromir Jagr's Sports bar, you know I had to make a trip here to give respect and props to nubmer 68 the Rangers MVP if not the league MVP this past season.

The beer is incredibly cheap, i have paid at most 60 Kr, but usually in the 25-40 KR range, and its currently 1USD is 22Kr, so lots of beers under a buck, and this is quality Czech beer, Gambrinus, Staropram, Pilsner Urquell(F U Finland), and others.

Despite all the Czech supermodels, I had an idea in my head that like it would like a heaven of supermodels just walking around the streets, well that is not the case, but the girls are generally pretty.. Lithuania still takes the cake, Vilnius is almost like heaven with tall, young supermodels to be just walking around. I have taken a few pics as i know the Pervs out there(not naming any names, but you know who you are) want to see the Czech lovelies. Will upload when I get some decent internet access back at the hostel if they have a USB port.

Alright my 20 minutes on the internet for a buck are almost up, and gametime is in 1hr, go Germany!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out but didn't I tell you I read you everyday!

Hopefully Prague comes through for you as I know you were looking forward to it.


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There are not many places in the world, about which I can say I love them. I have to confess, that Prague is ONE of those. I have been living in Prague for 3 years now. It is very special city, capital like no other. Prague means for me a city for just hanging out in old streets, especially in the evenings, when the street lamps light romantic through narrow streets. I have been to many cities and capitals, but Prague is special somehow - it has the typical atmosphere -block of flats everywhere, typical trams, different architecture styles and people usually mind their own business, don’t care about others, but when start to talk to someone, they are really nice.

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