Friday, June 16, 2006

Luxembourg is very cool

Hi yall.. again sorry for the late post but another day of traveling to get to luxembourg. Dont sleep on this tiny country of 84,000 people. It feels like alot more, plenty of open squares, outdoor cafes and thankfully have left the crap weather of Belgium-Netherlands. Today when I arrived at 1700, it was 23 degrees, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Just watched Cote D,Ivorie vs Netherlands and sadly another african team bites the dust, I guess no African cinderallas this year, now they will go back to civil war and more death.

I know its Friday at like 3pm on the east coast so most people arent in the office, looking to head to hamptons, jersey shore or whatever. if u can watch the USA last chance 2morrow vs Italy, unless we can adjust our game, I give us no hope and we could score 0 goals and leave here the 30 of 32 team ranked. Serbia is probably the worst team getting killed by Argentia 6 to zip today.

Almost on a standard keyboard, better than yeterday, this is a german one as the Z and Y are reversed, so not that bad for typing as u rarely use the Z only the Y. Just to show the dedication, have had 2 beers, Luxembourg native Bofferding, .5l for only 3.6Euro not bad. And yet I walked a while to find the only internet cafe, it closes at 2000, so gotta make this post quick.

No USB port on this machine, as i have tons more pictures to upload, from Gelsenkirchen game vs Czech, plus the beach in Essen where i tanned a bit, plus from Amsterdam and Belgium and now Luxembourg. I always thought of Lux as a rich place, but prices are actually cheaper than rest of Euro currency countries as there is no 18% automatic VAT tax, this is a tax free country, i guess u can thank those investment bankers and their money laundering operation.

So much for the so called group of Death in group C. Netherlands and Argentina are clearly the better teams leaving Serbia and a valient but not strong enough Cote D,Ivorie(sorry cant find correct puncutation on this keyboard). No real group has shown any seperation between top 2 teams and bottom 2 teams, with alot of groups being totally decided by game 2. USA vs Italy 2morrow has a chance if somehow in hell Bruce Arena can outcoach italy. I say start EJ, leave freakin DMB on the bench he was crap, leave Convey in there, find someone to replace Pope on the backline as his passes were going no where and get Lewis more into the rush, he might have the best leg, but we will see.

Alright, my stomach is feeling a bit better, but not going to take it too tough, alot of train travel 2morrow to get back to germany, yet its friday and i hear this city has some wicked nightlife and actually some lovely women, must be the mix of french, dutch, belgium, germany all thrown into a mix.. Peace Out


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