Monday, July 31, 2006

Inside the Mind of Ayan...

Its a scary place to be, inside my mind that is. First off I am leaving Sarajevo and its been a really lovely city, I know you would all like to see pictures, but as is the case with alot of places Internet access is iffy at best, so its like log on, post and move on, no time to loiter. Hopefully I'll get to another cool Hostel with a computer or access. I am about to get on a nightbus to Zagreb, Croatia then spend the day there before moving on to Pula croatia on the coast.

Ok this is some of my thoughts as I wrote them down on paper from Friday the 29th while in Belgrade, Serbia.. just for exchange purposed 66DIN to the Dollar
6pm.. at Insomnia Cafe, located on Strahibjica Bana which is a street with 20 something bars, this place looks very nice and trendy with a full english menu. The interior is fancy, comfy couches outside on the street and cool jazz playing, good place for a happy hour beer. the Pivo is the MB brand, and at 150DIN a little pricy for this town, but still cheap in the overall realm of things. Ok just went inside and only 1 toilet so that is a bit of a drawback. Watching the crazy drivers park any and everywhere they want, these people honestly must not need a license or have to pass a test to drive.
6:25pm. talk to the girls next to me, they speak good english YEAH. Olja is the name of one of them and she tells me a bit about Serbia and the people, good conversation. Typically offer to buy them a drink, beer or otherwise but as seems to be the case here in eastern europe its not done, and they politely refuse. Ok lets ask for the number.. She gives me the cell phone number and says, yeah sure I'll hang at the barge parties tonight, even tho she says at age 25, her best party days are behind her..
7pm. leave after 3 beers and walk back to the Hostel, we will see if this pans out tonight.
8pm.. Making steak and potatoes for dinner at the Hostel, damn this hits the spot, offer up extra food to roomates, they enjoy. I should have cooked more often on this trip as it gives me a feeling of being back home, very cool.
10:45pm Showered and ready to hit the town for my last nights, its friday night should be a good night. Text Olja simple message and decide to hang out at the bar around the corner Bar Central for a bit
11pm. Arrive at Bar Central.. this is the only bar i have been to that has reserved bar stools, but I managed to find a seat and order my beer. This is the LAV beer, cost is 120DIN, good price for a place this swanky and nice. The music is typical american fare, the bar is nicely decorated I like this place.
11:20pm Oh yeah my theme song from europe, "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclair comes on, I swear I have heard this in every of the 17 countries so far, without a doubt. Gosh the glasses at the bar break easily, the bartender lights taps and it broken glass everywhere..
11:35pm.. Wow 2 total birds just walk in, dressed to the 9's and sit down. Interesting to see what they order. Gosh this place will make you feel like an old man as one is not looking even 18 years old. Ok now the 3rd miniskirted girl comes and joins them, this should be interesting. Yet these must be good girls as they are wearing catholic crosses around their neck..yeah right...
11:42pm.. Ok now some boy shows up for the 3 girls, typical double cheek kisses are exchanged. Gosh what a bad buzz cut this guy has, I guess male hair salons have not made it to Serbia yet.. Ok drinks up, looks like champagne and cranberry juice?? and then something red in a tumbler glass for the other girl..
11:48pm Ok just ordered my 3rd beer, and I havent been to bathroom yet, this is not a good sign knowing your bladder, you are going to end up having to rush somewhere to pee, lets go to bathroom now and piss a pint out.
11:52pm Ok last beer is here, this is an Lasko, guess they ran out of the other one, damn I am drinking this place dry. Hmm the girls are looking tasty and the miniskirt is so mini you can see who goes commando and who likes vicki secrets, she goes for the match red undies with the red dress, nice fashion choice.
12:03am No idea what song is playing but its a tight soul/house music groove
12:05... Ok another bathroom trip, the seal is broken now its going to be constant trips
12:20.. time to leave and hit the barges, no SMS message back from Olja yet, I guess being stood up, oh well
12:25am waiting on tram, it does run this late???
12:35am.. ok no tram, wait music coming from the fortress, maybe I'll stay close to the hostel tonight..
12:37am.. wow that was easy, just follow the people into the park and found one of the underground bars in the park. This one is called Basement, very nice right next to the tennis courts. too bad the music is crap, wonder where the bathroom is... Ok suppose to be some celebrity DJ playing tonight Marko Nastic, but I am not impressed, maybe I will goto barges.
12:50am Got a cab, hopefully he knows where I want to go and doesnt rip me off..
1:10am hey text message, ok its the message of being stood up, she was sleeping and didnt hear the phone, now her friends are gone and she is staying in, oh well win some lose some, there is still beer to be consumed
1:45am At the Exile Barge on the Sava river. I dont like this place, didnt like it the night before, just went to pay for my beer with a 1000DIN note and they look at me like its a gold brick, its 10 freakin euros, what do you mean you dont have change??? what kind of bar is this. The music is so so, the LAV was 150DIN, standard price I guess, alright find some change... Gosh this place is pretty laid back, dudes just smoking weed out in the open.. ok bathroom time.. Damn how can I place only have 2 bathroom and one of them has 2 people in there doing whatever.. ok they are done with their sex act, damn that girl is staff here, what a slut.. let goto the next barge as it looks like they are letting people in...
1:55am back at Freestlyer for the 3rd time in 4 nights, at least the music is decent, I dont like the beer choices with no local beers, Becks is 180DIN.
2:20am People keep on throwing shit in the river?? Why??? Its already the dirtiest river in europe probably try to keep it clean...
2:35am Ok now the staff guy just emptied an ashtray into the river, does anyone care??I am not saying I am mr. greenpeace cause I have peed in all sorts of places, but damn its your country keep the river clean. Dont anyone tell me America is the worst pollutor in the world, its these Serbians..
2:48am Girls asks me, what they hell are you writing down all the time, I explain to her, I wouldnt remember all these lovely thoughts if not. Nice girl, speaks english, whoa she has 3 kids and is out on a Friday night??? what gives?? ahh divorced, doesnt get child support, i wonder who is at home taking care of the kids..
3:10am Ok getting less crowded, now I can move around freely without worrying about starting a riot by stepping on somesones shoes...

Hey gotta pause here as I need to eat and internet time is running out.. to be continued till 5am...


Anonymous said...

Having known you as long as I have, I refuse to read this post with the title "Inside the Mind of Ayan". That is a dangerous place and I'm not sure I'm strong enough to get out alive! In case your other folks don't know, you are a crazy summa-bitch! But you are my boy til the end (speaking of the end, I'ma need you to put in your will that I get ALL Prince related materials and A/V equipment when you kick the bucket. We tight like that.


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