Saturday, July 22, 2006


just quick post, HEY after 6 days at the beach working on my tan, and yes I am a few shades darker, I have no idea what is going on in the world.. any hurricanes in the USA, i know the MIddle east is blowing up.. sadly I read Billy Preston died, so on Monday when people get back to work and read this thing I call a blog, post comments and tell me what is going on in the world.. i read about a heatwave, but overall its more about sleeping, sunning and not really reading news...


Pissed-off @ No-pix said...

*Bush tried to get freaky with German Prime Minister.
*They trippin over in Lebannon, evacuees trying to get out to save their asses.
*Tiger has 1 hot lead @ British Open. Should have 4 shot lead but was nuttin up on putting green thinking about wifey.
*Saddamn is faking a hunger strike but ends up in hospital from Twinkie depravation.
*Couple of Tsumani's popped off and people still thin Global Warming is a scientific creation in the mind.
*Prince has gone MIA; as usual messing up a good thing he has started. Looks like he's trying to a pull a Sign O the Times move
*Ayan is about 5 days from catching beat down since he's been REAL slack on the pix. Has time to look at topless women for 8 hours a day and nap poolside but can't find time to share the fun with us back home. He might get Knocked the F out like in Friday!
*Over-hyped and over-priced NYC can't figure out why the lights keep going off. Well if they picked up the trash maybe they could find the extension cord and plug it back in.
*If California doesn't fall off into the Pacific they may just end up spontaneously combusting with this 'record-heat'. Man up! If you want to talk about heat, come to the South in July and August. Tofu-eatin whimps on the left coast.
*South Korean Prez shacked up with his personal secretary and the world is just finding out about the real First Lady. She's been at this side since the 80's. So we know who's really running things.
*Did I mention Ayan is about close to catching a case of beat down?!
*If you hadn't heard - Ken Lay happened to die over the 4th holiday with his family by his side. He happened to have his autopsy results back the same day and cremated the next. The local Wal-Mart report a mysterious uptick in Bermuda shorts and Panama Jack Tanning Lotion in Aspen the week before.


Ayan said...

CMG.. U my man.. thanks for the world news update.. Pictures by friday for sure..

Anonymous said...

It was 113 degrees here...and forgive me if I'm a little cranky. Its hot...and I don't have AC. I was sleeping on the floor of my living room with my head poked out of the doors to my balcony, hoping to find some sort of it cools down to a lovely 97 at night. Its unbearable.


Anonymous said...

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