Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sarajevo Comes alive..

Today was going to be the post, inside Ayan's mind, which I thought would be funny, but last night was a fun night here in Sarajevo so I thought I would post a few observations about it. Like other towns on Saturday in the daytime, it was sleepy here in Sarajevo, but when the sun goes down the people come out and the party starts. Sadly I couldnt get into the party mood as I was still dead tired from the all nighter and then straight to the bus ride from Belgrade. I had to quit at 2am, despite trying to IV myself with 3 straight Red Bulls.. First off Sarajevo Women are probably the best dressed I have seen yet in Europe, they are all dressed to the 9's for sure, but more importantly they have nice, in fact super nice shoes. I have learned you can tell over here what class girls are from the types of shoes they wear, and definately was around the higher class last night. Went to 2 very popular places, the City Pub, and Central Cafe, Central Cafe might be a cafe by day, but at night its an all out bar. City Pub was more like a normal bar but with good music, heard from TTD and others. Funny as fly as the Sarajevo women are, the men arent up to their standards, I swear there must be no male hair salons here, cause everyone has the same buzz/crew cut for their hair. I guess its better than the NJ Mullet action, but still its not the most flattering. The French and Italian men have these Bosnian men beat, and that really isnt too good of a thing

Another strange thing here in Bosnia is that you cant order drinks directly from the bartender, at least when I do i get bad stares and while he will give me the drink, I have to pay a waiter. I would go by their rules but with the slow service and not speaking the language to shout out at the waiter, I just goto the bar and deal with the wrath that way. The people out at the bars are young, probably too young for the bar, but they are there smoking away and drinking tonics and soft drinks. Makes it hard to try to hit on women, as anyone over 25 already has kids, but they are still out on saturday nights and still looking fly.

This city is just the right size, after coming from 2 million population of Belgrade. We are set in a valley that is lush green, with tons of houses up in the hills, this makes malibu or the hollywood hills look tiny in terms of number of houses but naturally those Cali houses are bigger and more expensive.. Had some amazing food here, so Curtis dont worry no McDonalds here, had a Cevapi, basically a plate of grilled sausage with bread and onions. It was amazing and that plus a beer was only 4 KM, or about 3 USD. This makes those donor kebabs seem like total crap, more Cevapi!! The trams are a bit expensive here with a ride being 1.60Km or about 1USD, still cheap, but coming from belgrade where it was a few cents, this is more expensive. But I still buy the tickets, all the trams over in europe are on the honor system and you get on and are expected to validate your ticket. I have been a very good boy, with the exception of a night bus in Budapest. Its a good thing cause today the inspectors were on the tram. The only city with a protected public transport is BUcharest where you need to go thru a turnstyle, even in german its on the honor system and assume you punch your ticket.

As for a history lesson I went to the Franz Fernindad plaque where the arch duke was shot and killed back in 1914 that eventually led to the start of World War I.. are we at World War 3 yet?? I read something about a bunch of kids dying in an isreali attack, ahh better i guess not to read the news... Alright at a cool internet cafe, not the cheapest, but they have Skype and IM, and since 2morrow I have tons of time to kill before my night bus to Zagreb, Croatia I will be able to do my inside my head post and maybe even a few pictures. Its not the cheapest place, but for a good computer with normal keyboard its worth it.


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