Saturday, July 22, 2006

Talking to the Locals..

Ok so this is really my last day here in Varna. I have already wasted 20 Lv, on a ticket to Plovdiv that I didnt use, and now today I spent another 25Lv on a ticket to Sofia, the capital... i wanted to goto plovdiv to avoid capitals as at this point of my trip I am sick of capital cities, but it is much closer to next destination of belgrade... so at 1:30pm tomorrow I will be on a 7 hr bus ride, tonight should be a good night as its my last night, so most of that bus ride will hopefully be spent sleeping and wondering why i feel like crap..

as for talking to the locals, today at the A-Lounge, 3rd day in a row, i saw some of the same topless girls so i was like ok its time to talk to them.. first girl works in germany 9 months a year but is from bulgaria, so it was easy to figure out what she does.. 2nd group of girls were more direct and were like we work at playboy club, you must come tonight.. well not going to happen, 7 weeks into the trip with limited budget the last place i need to be is a bar with beers for 2 bucks and tanned girls..

Met some cool americans last night, could be cause I was wearing my proud USA soccer jersey that says USA on the back, but they got us free shots of Findalana Vodka at the party, it was a 2 bar party, so i went on, but then lost my mates and pretty much got drunk as a shunk and left.. today the hangover again wasnt so bad cause of the beach and trying to pickup topless babes and then remember what they look like when not in a g-string... alright off to sleep a bit.. pictures.. yeah I got them, but no USB still... someone send me a laptop!!!! or buy me a beer!!!


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