Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ups and Downs..

Everyone goes thru ups and downs, and when you are traveling it seems like you are more prone to them. Well today was definately and up and down day. Was up today to take a 9:30am train to Brasov, Romania a 3hr trip. While there were only 4 people in my hostel room, one dude was snoring so damn loudly impossible to get any sleep. The train was thankfully empty, a bit hot, but i managed to get a little bit of sleep. Arrive in Brasov and its pouring rain, I had made a hostel reservation and had directions and everything about how to get there. Yet the train station was like any city, where people try to get u in taxis, offer accomidation, etc. Not sure if it was just because I was tired, hungry, or whatever but instantly felt a wave of paranoia, like the people were out to pickpocket me, cut my bags open, whatever.. I was like damn, I wanted out of Bucharest, but what sort of hell did I get myself into. After arriving at the hostel and talking to fellow travelers my nerves were soothed a bit, the rain stopped, I went and got something to eat, the sun came out, and the emotions picked back up. Now I am feeling great, Brasov is a lovely city, a polar opposite of Bucharest. While they still park on the sidewalks here, and still stray dogs, we are in a valley in the middle of the mountains, the city center has no car streets, lots of cafes. The stares continue, but they are not as icy as the stares in Bucharest. I am going to stay here for 2 nights, possibly a 3rd night before heading to the Black Sea coast. Making some changes to travel plans, and now I am pretty sure I will find a way to get to Belgrade, Serbia. From Sofia, Bulgaria its a 7hr bus ride, while I have a flight from Sofia to Budapest, I just might eat the 38 euro cost, as that is backtracking and then its also 7hrs from Budapest to Belgrade so its a waste of a trip, going that far north to come back south.. Anyway sorry to bore u with travel details, I will hopefully have some beer stories soon..

I have a new reader to my blog, Hi Mom!! Glad u found the page.. Who else is out there reading, leave it in the comments, u dont have to leave a name if you dont want, initials, or tell me a way that I would know who u are.. I have no idea who is out there.. Alright, off to find Dracula!!


Anonymous said...

You know I've been readind daily and even posting. You slippin on my requests so I'll have to flog you personally when you get back stateside.

Your ole road warrior! Long live the late nights at Perkins and the last minute drives out 94.

Blonde said...

I love catching up and reading your adventures!!

I will refrain from anything naughty now that I know Mom visits here!!!

Travel safe, take care, use condoms ;)

NYC Chocolatier said...

What a life you're enjoying!!I have to ask you about PERK'S...I sense another teeny,tiny,incestuous world moment coming.