Monday, July 10, 2006

1441 Days of Withdrawl

Well the World Cup is over and must say the finale was a good game. In fact it was the first time since I think 1982 that both teams scored, as other games have been blowouts or ended 0 to 0 for penalty kicks in 1990. It will be another 4 years, or about 1441 days until the next one will start and that is a long time to wait. I think I waited about exactly that long between Nikka Costa's recent albums and trust me its a long time. If any of my Nikka fans are out there, do the math for me how long was it between albums? I dont have the release dates in my head. I watched the game at the Film Cafe in Bratislava, a must say a very nice find of a bar. Its decorated with movie posters, many of them in Slovakian, and each table is a montage of pictures for big stars. I was at the Christopher Lambert table, only cause it had the best view of the big screen and all the young Slovakian pretty girls, most of whom seemed to have no interest in watching the game. I was told during the recent Winter Olympics when Czech Republic played Slovakia the country basically stopped during the game, but not so for the World Cup. In the end I have watched games in 9 different languages, being Polish, German, Dutch, French, Czech, Hungarian, Spanish, Slovakian and even one game in English. During my trip I probably watched on TV at least 50 of the 64 total games, with only missing games when I was traveling or some games like when Iran or Saudi Arabia played held no interest for me.

I took notes during the games, so I am better able to remember key points and my thoughts so let me run them down for you here..

2nd minute Thierry Henry goes down, me and all of France hold our breathe, in the end what looked bad was probably just the wind being knocked out of him.

5th Minute Penalty, well earned and deserved as the player was totally tripped, unlike that Italy vs Australia penalty, that one still bugs the hell out of me

19th Minute Italy scores, a well earned goal, nice corner to header. Barthez almost gets to the ball, but this whole world cup he has played like crap, so not too shocking that he didnt stop it.

35th Minute. Luci Toni just off the crossbar, France really wants to give up the booty it appears, as Italy is 60 to 40 percent of ball possession.

39th minute. Crowd shot, who was that supermodel? Wow, go France make those lovely women

47th Minute. Thierry just passed the ball, damn it you are a finisher, a silent killer, a ninja FINISH IT YOURSELF!!!

51st Minute. Thierry with the ball in the box, and he doesnt do anything.. This is not a good omen at all

61st Minute. Will probably be a controversial offsides call, to be shown on replay over and over from every angle. To me it looks like Luci Toni was onside, but the player next to him was offsides, anyway the goal doesnt count, Barthez still looking like crap

62nd minute. Thierry again having problems finishing...

79th minute. now Zidane goes down, you know he is faking it, but this is his last game ever I guess he deserves it.

80th minute. The game is going back and forth from both ends, each team desperate trying to get that goal. In my head the song Back & Forth by Aaliyah is playing.

91st minute. Ribery is desperate, he is 1 man against 4 but still tries to shoot, where is the help. bring on Treziguet.

13th minute extra time. Zizou almost had it, what a perfect way to finish a career that would have been.

17th minute extra time. Thierry is taken out??? are you kidding me. This is it, its over, France has no chance.

19th minute extra time. Zidane what is wrong with you? This is not the way to finish a career with a headbutt to the chest. What could the other player have said to Zizou to make him go crazy? Maybe called him a terrorist??? Told him to buy some hair??

24th minute extra time. All the cute girls in the bar just got up and left, what the hell is wrong???

10:43pm Local time. Italy wins it on Penalties. With no Henry or Zidane to take them, France had no chance, even tho the keepers didnt stop crap, it was a crossbar that saved Italy this time. Its hard to say but Congrats to Italy, now with 4 stars on their chest and Brazil need to look in the rearview mirror they better win in South Africa 2010 to give them some distance.

After the game I walked around the old town of Bratislava, not much going on as it was Sunday night, but did stop at a cafe and sat next to an African guy from Congo, that must have been a sight for all the people who have stared at me while in town, now its 2 black guys together, plotting to take over your country!! Then met a nice girl from of all places Kazakhstan, and yes DJ7 we talked about Borat, Ali G and all that. I have a picture and even some Kazak money to prove it.

Ok I am currently in Bucharest, Romania and even tho only been here 5 hours or so, ready to get out. This was voted in some survey I read the worst European Capital city, and seemingly I would agree. Thankfully on the plane, I met an american guy Matt, who is in the peace Corps and teaching english here for the last 14 months. He was a savior in helping me get on the bus, get off the bus, get on the train, and even had a few bucks of local currency to start me out till I hit a machine. Romania is not very modern, and as most countries the Russians have stolen all the street signs when communism ended. I swear one day someone is going to find a warehouse of streetsigns in Moscow. Anyway made it to the Hostel, its very cheap, but also very simple, instead of my initial 3 night stay, I am going to stay 2 nights and then get the hell out of here and to Brasov. Already in walking to this internet cafe I passed a street that had a lovely old church with a plaque outside for when Pope John Paul II was here, and next to it a big ugly construction site, then down the road on a sidestreet a total slum with alot of people living and live chickens running around, I read the Bird Flu reached part of Romania so no going in the slums for me, yet 50 meters down the road, it was high fashion stores, designer clothes from locals and even Hugo Boss.. A very weird city for sure. I have not had a beer yet, not sure what Romanian beer is, I probably should get some food first, but it is almost 5pm and happy hour is upon us. I will do a bit of sightseeing tomorrow and then figure out how to get out of here on Wednesday. Hope everyone reading back home are enjoying the beginning of the week. It has at least cooled off a bit here... No internet at the Hostel, so posts might be a few days between, but then again this town might be the place where I hole up at the internet cafe and hang out all day and night..


Craig G said...

Ok man, where are the pics?????


Ayan said...

Bro.. I have taken some pics, not as many lately, as I have been totally unable to find decent computer with USB ports to upload. Right now I am at least at a place with decent keyboards, flat screens, but no monitors on these circa 1999 dell machines. Romania is not the internet capital of Europe.. and going to Bulgaria next, so dont look for pics anytime soon..

Al said...

Hey Ayan!
It has been exactly 4 years and two days between albums indeed (May 22nd 2001 - May 24th 2005). it was a LONG time waitin... it felt like forever!!!!
So yeah.. You did the math right... must be pretty good at math bro!!! I bet you wouldn't wanna get back to college... would ya.

Stay cool!
Keep partyin'..!!

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