Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sleepy Bratislava

Back on a german keyboard, but I got the Y and Z switch down already, but I will talk like Prince and say U instead of You, I know DJ7 if ure out there are proud of me. Ok so in Bratislava, Slovakia right now. Before this trip the only thing I knew about Slovakia were the hockey players, they have some great ones, Satan, Hossa, Dimetra, Bondra.. Well what I have learned from being here so far is that at least in the summertime Bratislava is a very very quiet town. Only has a population of half a million, but it seems that most of that are students or people who vacation on the weekends in the mountains or lakes outside of town. I walked around the whole town in a short afternoon, a far difference from Budapest where it took 10 or 11 hours. Went to the Castle up on a hill, another hike up, and then confusing way down, but it was totally worth it. They have an exhibition on Leonardo Da Vinci, and this is the real shiz, not that dan brown movie, was christ married or not crap. The man was amazing plain and simple, we all have heard about the helicopter and other stuff he had the ideas for way back when, but i didnt know about the system of locks for canals and raising ships, i didnt know about the bicycle, the scuba suit idea and tons of other stuff. so that was my culture for the day.. the night on the other hand.. whew lets see and try to remember..
So watching the Germany vs Portugal match, and glad Germany wrapped that up in an easy fashion. The first pub I was at, was full of British Stag parties, i think I have touched on this, but they are the total worst tourists in the world. Drunk, loud, stupid, ulgy, nekkid when they should have clothes on. So left the first place at the half, and found a second cool place. At this place I met an English bloke and his Slovakian business dude, Kevin and Petr, u can guess who is who from the spelling of the names. Anyway, we watched, they bought beers, which is always a good thing, remember if are reading from home, u can click on the Buy Ayan A Beer button under the profile and help to contribute to my attempts to offend, unnerve, and basically and get banned from all of these countries in the future... So after going around town with these blokes, taking cabs to places out in the woods where I thoguht bad things were going to happen, I managed to stay out till the sun came up. Paying the price for that now, but again I can sleep when I am dead...
Alright, off to eat some food. Today is Sunday and its even sleepier than yesterday, I hope I can manage to at least find a decent large plasma TV to watch the finale tonight. France vs Italy, everyone seems to be rooting for Italy, but I think I have already described my feelings for italy on here already.. I want to see Zidane going out on a high note. Oh just a side bar, I changed accomidations, and now staying in a dorm room at the Slovakia technical University, reminds me of the dorms back at IIT, ahh the past.. Off to eat, and then naturally drink more beer. In a country where Beer costs less then Coke, its not hard to figure out what I choose to drink..

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Al said...

i was just thinking.. i hope you've brought with you that moola i sent over last year...

oh and am so sorry you weren't rootin' for Italy.. know the guys have been way to lucky but hey, it's just a game. it's tueir turn to win.oh well it's not that i care that much you know?

so... still buds?

stay cool