Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Doesn't feel like a Million..

the title refers to the number of people here in Zagreb, definatly not my bank account, which as I near the end of the trip is getting closer to Zero, too close in fact.. so if you havent bought me a beer or donated and were thinking of doing so, this would be a perfect time. I have a flight back to NYC on the 17th of August, and I would prefer to avoid sleeping in parks or bus stations until then, so while I dont want to get down and beg, or worse call out folks who have been reading everyday and not donated.. but the choice between the street and calling folks out, I will be hollering.. ok enough about the costs of traveling, how about the stress..

The bus ride overnight was 8Hrs, honestly 6 of that was spend weaving thru side streets and down residential streets, dirt roads and what not in Bosnia to get to the Border. Once across the Border into Croatia, we were on a nice smooth paved 2 lane highway and it was a breeze. I guess this is the difference when countries receive tourists dollars. Zagreb is a very nice city, I tried to do the city walk tour as given out by the tourist office, but there is so much construction going on here, it was tough to see everything.. Had lunch at a straight up Croatian place, the little mama lady was cooking and no english menus, so it was point and nod.. The first pot she opened up didnt look too good, so I was hoping what was behind door nubmer 2 was better, it was, an awesome beef stew with potatoes and fresh soft bread.. All for 20Kn(about 6 bucks, its 5.6KN to the dollar), definately it hit the spot.. havent had my first beer yet, but I am rushing off for another 6hr bus ride to Pula..Pula is on the water, when I get there I am going to want to jump in, after being on buses for some 14hrs in the last 24hrs... ok I am tough, I am off.. sorry for short post, but i need to get my bag from luggage storage and buy a ticket..

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...my cell phone bill has been less since you've been gone. Maybe I'll donate a portion of that to you. I even had ROLLOVER minutes last month...WHAT ARE ROLL OVER MINUTES!