Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ayan needs your support and thoughts

no one ever said travel was easy, but today has been simply horrible.. after the overnight bus 8hrs from Sarajevo to Zagreb was not ideal, i arrived fairly refreshed and happy. Two other americans who i had been seeing on and off since Belgrade were on the bus, so we walked around and had coffee in the morning.. then I took the 130pm bus to Pula, all along it was going well, the view was just fablous passing thru little towns on the adratic coast, going up and down in the mountains.. well it all went down hill when at the last bus stop I asked, is this Pula.. and the bus driver laughed and was like hahaha Pula was 2 stops ago.. U are in Rovinj, now I am sure Rovinj is a nice town, and it has to be since its damn packed..I even asked about a private room, or some sort of accomidation here and it was all full up... anyway so the bus back to Pula is not for another 3hrs at 10pm, once I get to Pula, no idea if the youth hostel will still have rooms available.. i am tired, hungry, been in same clothes for about 24hrs and if it wasnt for finding this internet cafe i was about to sit in the town square and have a good cry... i guess now i will have some food and definately some beer and hope when I get to Pula, if they freaking tell me I am in Pula that I will be able to get a bed.. I hope Pula and the roman ruins rock... I go thru ups and downs all the time when I am traveling, and mostly on arrival I have shock about the new surrounding and stuff.. but i think i just have been on a bus too damn long in the last 24hrs.. also worrying about wasting every extra penny doesnt help.. mom get back from montreal and save your son..


Curtis said...

its like that sometimes man... some days, you have to just scrap the plan and roll with it.

I arrived in Paris once to find out trainworkers were on strike... walked all the way to my hostel with my pack... full...

walked to a second hostel... full..

walked to a third full.... so i walked back to the train station, put my bag in a locker and figured I'd check out a museum

... but the museum workers were on strike too.... it was hot as balls that day, so i went back to the train station, looked up at the schedule and got on the next train..

it was going to Basel, Switzerland, no place I had heard of or planned on going, but I went and had a blast there..

... keep on pushin' man..

Ayan said...

Yeah man I heard Basel was a cool place.. sadly Switzerland is a place not on my list of countries.. thanks for the support, right now its all good.. ups and down of travel for sure. So next summer u ready to strap your backpack back on????

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