Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I am a Drama Queen

No way around it, I am a big time Drama King-Queen whatever. In the end naturally things turn out well, why I was so frazzled yesterday could have been sheer exhaustion. Anyway I have to give the city of Rovinj a chance, as when I was walking around waiting on my bus, I realized it was very beautiful. Also overrun by tourists, cars in the parking lot from every country including some from Croatia, but mostly from other places. this is a vacation spot for families, not really for backpackers. I do feel a bit out of place here, and plan to escape to Slovenia tomorrow depending on train schedules.

Pula itself is also overrun with tourists, yet the Hostel is cool. Its located right on the water, in a rather secluted bay, while it is a good 300m from the main road and at nighttime that walk can be trecherous its all good. The water is about the cleanest water I have seen in a while, U can easily see down to 7 or 8 feet. Its not too cold either. Today has been a bad weather rainy and cloudy day, so the beach idea is wiped out. The other beach problem is no sand, there is no sand here in almost all of Croatia, its rocky beaches, not comfortable at all on your feet, a pair of Acqa Socks is essential and I dont have any, so it will be just watching the water, dont plan on going in and twisting an ankle or something.. No idea why this side of the Adratic Sea doesnt have sandy beaches, as the Italian side definately does.

Interesting conversation once I got settled, being the only american here, lots of questions about NYC and america. it was a group of Croats, Slovenians, Germans, Greeks, French, the usual mix of people. One Croat was getting on my nerves telling me how there are 200,000 gangster in NYC, and how he wouldnt be able to walk thru the bronx without being killed. I guess watching too many of those hollywood movies, I tried to talk to him, but when he started going on lumping all Americans into the policies of G. W and our Govt, it was time for me to move on, it was a helpless case..

Well I am normal for today, i have alot of travel coming up between now and the 8th when I have to be in Berlin for a flight, so we might have a few more days of arrival shock and drama queen, so stay tuned and wish me luck

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Anonymous said...

We had an earthquake last night...4.4. Don't tell me thats nothing. It's a little something.