Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yep.. today currently in Slovenia, in fact in Ljubljana and this is country 21. My initial goal was 20 countries and now I managed to pass that, and in the end will be adding one more Norway to the list. The countries that I have missed, watch out as I am addicted to the backpacking lifestyle. Next year the countries that I have not hit, watch out as I am coming to drink your beer.

Ok Pula, Croatia was a total bust, but Ljubljana is amazing, I wish I had spent the last 2 days here. Pula was not really a backpackers destination, as it was more families and really a car city. Where the hostel was you had to take the bus into town and the bus stopped running at about 11pm, and taxis were hard to find and like everything else expensive. I basically drank beer at the hostel, on the beach looking at the stars each night.. yeah I know sounds tough, as it totally could have been worse, I could have been bored and stranded in Bucharest, the sheete-whole that is was and will be for years.

So far it was raining all day in Ljubljana(pronounced LOO'Be'yanah). Yet on arrival I didnt have culture shock, as I had a reservation, a Map, and it said it was only 10 minute away. I missed the first turn off, but doubled back and found the place. Very chariming Hostel, with free Internet(YAY), sadly only 1 bathroom, so I must make sure to drain the snake before I come home from partying tonight. I have just learned the places dont really get going till 1am almost, so its 10pm and probablz for a beer and power nap.. Catch ya later

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