Monday, August 07, 2006

Another All Nighter!!

Ok made it to Berlin, as nice as the ICE trains are, it sucks when they are late, and my train from Munich was about 40 minutes late. Since it got in a little before Midnight and my flight tomorrow to Riga, Latvia is at 7am, there was only one decent option.. F the Hostel and pull and all nighter. I couldnt think of a better city then Berlin. Why I have neglected this city amazes me. Right now I am at a place called HOE, to call it a bar or club would be wrong, its more like an experience. Its a 5 level building with each floor a different type of Vibe. Right now I am on the top floor on a damn iMAC using free internet while other people smoke up and get high at the coffee shope. On the 3rd floor is an art gallery with some pretty cool stuff, on the 4th floor a red tinted lounge, I would have hung there but it was all guys.. On the 2nd floor is a pretty decent sized bar-club with music.. and to top it off outside like all german places there is sand, so they probablz call that the beach... ok on my first becks, going to hang till at least 4am, not sure what time the sun comes up but i would like to get a few picture of the berlin wall and some other sights, but who knows how i will feel then... more from Riga tomorrow, as I will be at my favorite hostel with free internet, maybe even a few pics of the recent time..

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Anonymous said...

Berlin is an absolutely fascinating city... enjoy!! but be careful, East Berlin still has some dangerous pockets where the skinheads still roll pretty deep..