Thursday, August 10, 2006

7 More Days..

Whoa just typed a short post and it disappeared. I guess free internet at the airport isnt the most reliable, so let me try again. \Yep only 7 more days before I head back to the USA. Only one more country left, which is Norway and I am at the Riga airport right now about to head off to Oslo. Norway is crazy expensive so not the best choice for the last country on your trip, but thankfully I have a free place to stay and I am bringing as much duty free alchie as I can carry from Riga. Last night I was planning on staying in, but all of a sudden folks showed up in the common room, beer was served, stories of other travels told and then we possed up and headed off to the bars. Went to a place called Casablanca where I had never been. Cool joint with a live band in the basement, small stage but managed to cram 8 people up on there. 2 sax players, 1 trombone, keyboards, drummer, bass, guitar and DJ. Only caught about 30 minutes of the set, but its always nice to hear live music. Then it turned into a Dance party and they played some good stuff, Mikey Jackson, Stevie Wonder.. I asked for Prince, but no luck.. i guess I would have had to go back to my favorite strip club under the Hostel for Prince.. ALright dont want to stay on here too long, gotta go raid the duty free store of Vodka.. See u from Oslo.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the remainder of your trip. If you haven't seen, don't plan on carrying any alcohol on the plane when you come back from Europe. The shit is hitting the fan again and travel is going to be ugly, especially from the UK, for the time being.


Kevin said...

If you would have left yesterday with a case of beer you'd be cool. Not now. You can walk onboard with your passboard and your dick, and that's about it. No duty free shops for you. Sucks.

Enjoy the last week over there.

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