Monday, August 14, 2006

The Ryanair Ripoff...

I am currently someone in Norway, i cant even say Oslo, cause it was a 1hr 40 minute bus ride to the airport. I am flying on Ryanair, the main English based discount airline for the 2nd time on this trip. Previously I went from Germany to Barcelona on them, and at that time realized the little scam they have. They offer tickets at really cheap prices, in fact I think my Germany ticket was about 40Euros roundtrip, in Germany you cant even go 3hrs on the Train for 40 Euros. But the airports they use are not connected to the main rail system, so you have to take these airport busses to the airports. Well as it turns out the airport busses cost about as much as the flights. Same case with this Oslo trip, the bus to the Norway airport was 140Kr, or about 24USD, once I get to London I will be in Stansted where its another 25US or so to get into central London. I know that Ryanair has to have some sort of deal with the bus companies to get a kickback from them..

I have totally enjoyed my time in Oslo, for near the end of the trip my Host was amazing, and I got to goto the Football match yesterday totally VIP. Sitting in seats on the 50yd line, with free beer and hotdogs. In fact you cant get beer at the stadiums here, but if you are VIP the beer flows and flows freely. In no other country do the words FREE BEER mean so much as Norway. Over the course of my time, the avg price of a beer at a bar was 9 or 10 USD. And that wasnt even for a full half liter, but for .4L. London is a great city, but honestly this time of year not looking forward to it. I have some crappy arrival and departure times and with the whole terror threat at the airport I know its going to be a tough ride home. But I will be home before weeks end, sleeping in my own bed and that sounds appealing in itself.. See you from London

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