Friday, August 18, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Those words have never been so good to say. I write this to you from my own computer in my own home with my cat fighting for chair space. The last 2 weeks of the trip I was feeling some bits of homesickness, but it didnt really get back till I got to London. I had a minor injury back in Riga, and by London my knee had swollen to the size of a grapefruit, with pain.. it made for walking difficult, i was moving slow.. VERY SLOW.. Now after spending a night in my own bed having crazy dreams any pain or difficulty i have in walking doesnt matter.. Anyway due to lack of good constant internet access while overseas I still have many more posts, tons more pictures and videos to post.. so stick around this blog is far from over..


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I was thinking you decided to join up with al-Queda since we hadn't heard from you. And you know that we know you are shady. Glad you made in back safely.

And when you update with the 'good' pix and video, send an email so I'm not checking this everyday for not!

Live live Ayan and lets just hope is lver makes it past Sunday.


Ayan said...

CMG.. I am never going to be able to satisfy you with "good" pictures, so you need to call my man Hugh Hefner, he has been doing it for years.
The liver is in recovery mode for sure, plenty of cranberry juice and water. Also gotta start eating steak and potatoes to put back on some weight after having some lackluster meals towards the end

Anonymous said...

o boy ... I am going to miss your posts... don't forget to keep posting your memories as soon as you get'em back! :)
Greetings from Germany (prost!)

Anonymous said...

jpok j = xb 39

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