Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Get Well soon Eduardo

This past weekend one of the most promising young talented soccer players went down with a horrible injury. I was watching the game live on the Internet so the quality was not that good, plus the injury was so horrible they choose not to show it on replay. Eduardo da Silva was born in Brazil but somehow has Croatian citizenship. It guess its a case of carpetbagging where in Brazil he had 280 million other people to compete with to get on the national soccer team, but Croatia with only 4.4 million people it would be easier to make the national side. Regardless of what country he plays for, the kid at 25 is a supreme talent. This year at Aresnal he was finally coming into his own and has scored some amazing goals. Check out this one below, chest to head to back of the net. Wait till the 28th second for the best up close replay.

Anyway this past Saturday in a game against Birmingham City early in the game in the 3rd minute, Birmingham defender Martin Taylor was going to get smoked so he went in 2 feet studs up and broke Eduardo's leg.. not just your run of the mill broken leg, but a compound fracture and dislocated ankle. There was initial worry that he would lose his foot as the blood circulation was cut off, but thanks to great sports doctors they were able to stablize him before transport to the hospital. I finally saw the full injury last night watching Fox Football Phone-in and its hard to watch. This picture alone at the top of the page is bad..

Eduardo was going to be the star of the Croatian national team at the upcoming 2008 European Championships, but sadly now he will be out for at least 9 months possible more. And with soccer players making their living with their legs and feet there is worry this could be a career threating injury. So lets hope for a good recovery and the chance to see Eduardo work his magic on the pitch again in the future.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a two footed tackle, it was just a clumsy challenge that ended up being a terrible injury, but no intent from Martin Taylor.

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