Friday, June 27, 2008

Videos from Steve Nash Charity Soccer

Just a few videos from my digital camera at the Steve Nash Charity Soccer game in Chinatown. Sorry they suck so badly, but that is a combination of my digital camera and my lack of skills.. Hey I had 3 beers watching the Germany vs Turkey game, so i should be forgiven..

First video is my fave of Thierry Henry doing all sorts of tricks and Big Baron Davis taking the ball from him. Baron was the crowd favorite, but mostly cause he was so horrible on the ball, yet he scored a goal

This is just a video of Thierry coming right down the side where I was watching, the speed and skill is just amazing.

Last video for today is the penalty kick that Thierry took. I think it was only about 10 feet away and it was a rocket of a shot, good thing it found the net cause this ball and someone face, i would say the ball would win that battle.

More to follow..



Great footage and much appreciated!
Allez Les Bleus or Henry :)

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