Sunday, June 08, 2008

Euros in Central Park

While not quite the turn out at the public viewing in Germany, the public viewing in Central Park for the 1st game of the European Championship was a fun time. It was sponsored by the Swiss tourism something and ESPN. They were giving away lots of red stuff, hats and t-shirts for the Swiss, i didnt bother to fight to get one, as well red is not a good color for me. I wore my Orange, and saw one other dutch fan, but it seemed like this damn Bee liked the Orange as it was hounding me all day long. Normally i wouldnt think twice about swatting/killing it, but knowing how the bees are all disappearing i gave second thought to it.

Watched the later Portugal vs Turkey game at a bar with AC, as it was freaking HOT HOT HOT outside, just insanely hot. It was a good crowd, the Bartender put the sound on as while the Yankees played a great game and a great comeback, more people wanted to watch the soccer, can you imagine that?? in NYC.. i guess its just a sign of the times that the Yankees do kinda suck these days.

Today off to a crazy German bar, gotta get there early i know. Here are some pictures from Central Park.

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