Friday, January 25, 2008

The best 0-0 draw i've ever seen..

In soccer they say a 0-0 draw is like kissing your sister, well this afternoon's game in the 2008 African Cup of Nations between Mali and Nigeria was the best 0-0 game ever. I had to watch it over the internet using P2P software, but despite a few break ups the quality was just fine. I do think I will be going to Little West Africa for the Ivory Coast vs Mali game on Tuesday January 29th.

Tournament favorites and heavyweights Nigeria are now out of the tournament after losing to the Ivory Coast (ok i know the official name of the country is Cote D'Ivorie) and now drawing again Mali, the Super Eagles of Nigeria only have 1 point and i think have no chance of making it to the final knockout round.

Mali might be one of the poorest countries in the world with a GDP per person ranking 166 out of 179, but I give it up to their soccer players for playing with heart and passion. The same passion can be heard in their music, check out any CDs from Malian artists.

They do have what I think is the best soccer jersey in the world, I want one of those as seen up top for sure.

While I thought i was going to root for Senegal in this tournament as its a country I have visited, now I think my spoiler team is going to be Mali. Lets go Eagles!! If you are not watching this years African Cup of Nations you are missing out on some of the best soccer in the world right now. Forget the boring FA Cup, or the Premiership as heck without the African players in England now, the game is boring.. fire up your Sopcast and tune into the African Cup of Nations!!

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