Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Weekend at Bernies Part III

You simply can't make this shit up. Folks if this is not the sign the USA is already in a recession I dont know what other than the 4 horsemen riding through the street will tell ya tough times are ahead..

From the NY Daily News yall Let the man Rest in Peace

So for $355 bucks, folks are now arrested and in jail for who knows what crime. And folks are renting places for $1700 in Hells Kitchen for a tiny space, oh no thank you.

Well I guess since the Screen Writers are still on strike, someone needed to come up with new ideas for Sitcoms..

and the NY Times link All the News that is Fit to Print

But on the real, I would rather talk about sports, soccer, drinking, and hot Czech vs Brazilian supermodels right now I dont have much in that aspect. We are all up into elections, recession, housing crash.. I know that the lil bit of money I have in the stock markets is FAR FAR away from the Financials. They are about to take some massive writedowns in the 4th Quarter 2007 earnings. Like over 10 Billion each for Merrill Lynch and Citibank.. If you bought a house anywhere outside of Manhattan in 2007 its going to probably take you 2-3 years just to get back above-water. Real estate is fucked in most of the country, and then in NYC-Manhattan its the opposite shoeboxes with showers in the kitchen cost $500,000 bucks, hell you can't even get a non-jumbo mortgage for that price..

So as one investment bank said in their 2008 outlook, "There will be blood" (in the streets).. Keep your money closer to your mattress than to Wall Street..

Ahhhh now just looking forward to see if Beckham will get his 100th appearance in an England uniform for the upcoming Feb 6th game vs Swizterland.. but more importantly anyone have picks for the Africa Cup of Nations starting on Jan 20th.. I don't know enough about the other teams, other than I'll root for the Ivory Coast, as i love me some Didier Drogba and got plenty of Ivorians living up by me in Harlem...


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