Monday, August 07, 2017

Lake Bohinj, Slovenia lovely national park!

So as I’ve been to Slovenia before, I wanted to get out of the city in the summer and get to one of the lakes. I’ve been to Lake Bled before for two quick day trips, and I realize how its so popular and thus very crowded, so I opted with the help of some friends to goto Lake Bohinj area instead. What a great decision that was.

It is a 2hr bus ride to Bohinj, which is located inside of the Triglav National Park(the only one in Slovenia), the bus from Ljubljana runs every hour and costs 9 Euros. You also pass thru Lake Bled town, so if you sit on the right side of the bus, you can get nice views of the church in the middle of the lake. There is a town Ribcev Laz at the beginning of the lake that has some hotels, restaurants, mini market, free Wi-Fi you know all the basics you need for your trip. I stayed at the very nice Hostel pod Voglom about a 20 minute(1.5km) walk from the town, and there is a bus you can take that drops you off in front of the hostel, but the walk is very nice as long as the weather is good. The Hostel itself has a floor of Dorm bed rooms, these are 4 beds to a room and I can’t recommend as the bathroom situation is not good, one stall, one shower per FLOOR of about 12-15 rooms. But they have a second building across the parking lot that has some single rooms connected with a shared bathroom to another single room, this was the way to go and how I stayed and basically enjoyed my own space.

You are right on the lake, you can walk the length of the lake as it’s an 12km trail, 4km on the side with the road, and then 8km on the opposite side that doesn’t have a car road so you get up and around in the nature a bit more. It’s a nice walk as I did the entire “south” side of the lake that has the driving road and a “sidewalk” that is separated from cars, as people do bike…

What to do here?, well just unwind, relax and enjoy the scenery, there are some small beaches on the lake, its rocky but the water is cold, crisp, fresh and clean. Lovely to take a dip in the water for sure. Also in the summer the ski resort Vogel, is a great trip. Take the cable car lift up 1500meters in about 4 minutes, and from there many chair lifts or hikes for gorgeous views of the Julian Alps, its also possible to hike the entire way from the lake area, but that was not in my plans..

Overall the area was not crowded, there is much more to see and do in the national park, but you really need a car as there is limited public transportation and even with a car, many of the trips due to lack of roads take 2 hours only to go a few km. I wanted to see the Soca River area, and Waterfalls but the weather was basically a wash out with rain 2 of the 3 days I was there, so weather permitting there is plenty to do. Lovely Slovenia, if I ever get my hiking skills together I will be back with proper boots and gear and take on some of the hour long hikes!!

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