Thursday, April 20, 2017

My first experience at Paisley Park at a Prince concert...

So this is the review that i originally wrote some 22 years ago to post on probably Alt.Music.Prince or the Prince Mailing List way before the internet know what bloggers and social media were. This concert was February 12th (well really 13th early am), 1994 and it was my first time in Paisley Park. I know as the one year anniversary of Prince's death comes up, many people are going back there to "celebrate", for me the only Paisley Park is one in which Prince is in the building, so i will pass. But everyone deals with their grief in their own way.

I saw about 80 Prince concert performances during his lifetime, and from looking at my reviews that i found on old floppy disks (yeah remember those) about 25 of these were held at Paisley Park, so it was a special place for me. So here with all spelling errors is my review from the all-star celebrity concert that Prince hosted at Paisley Park in February 12, 1994 during NBA All-Star Weekend

Well since no one else on the list who was present at the Beautiful Experience, this past Saturday, Feb 12th, at Paisley Park has yet talked about it, i guess i will offer my details of the event.

We were let in at midnite, and Paisley Park was open to us, in the rooms various things were set up. Rooms i remember were, an Eric Leeds concert room, that was smoke filled in the sytle of a jazz club. Eric had like a keyboard player, a drummer, and i think a bassist. Prince appeared in this room, before he played his concert, and his guitar was brought up to the stage, but Prince never played. This jazz room was popular through the night with appearances in the crowd, by Mayte, Magic Johnson, Danny Manning, Prince Levi, Tommy B, and a few others.

Another room was set up as a portable NPG store, they had a few things, including the single for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World. They had the limited edition gift card(cd and tape), and the 2 tracks single(cd and tape) I managed to get my CD single for free by talking to the right people, but they were selling them for like $3-$12 for the various formats. I didnt see the 5-6 remix one, advertised on the NEW-FUNK line. The CD single has a 4:07 version of Most Beautiful Girl in the World, and a house beat remix of 3:57 of Beautiful. Theses Cd's were suppose to be in the regular NPG store on Valentines Day, no word if they made it.

Another room was Studio B, which was open to the public. Interesting to see poetry on the walls, and coffee was being served in there. There was the interactive room, that had a wall for "10,000 Autographs" meaning the fans who showed up, also pictures and artwork, complete with editor color/reduction notes, were on the walls. A MAC computer has the CD-ROM interactive playing. The only song i heard in the 2 minute demo was Interactive, and pictures of older videos, being wrapped about the symbol was happening on the screen. The date "Coming the Summer" was given on the computer screen.

There was a "back room" where a large projection screen showed 3 Chains of Gold, and the Undertaker during the night.

There were also a few assorted rooms, that i really cant remember, but one was a peep show, with little holes cut in the wall, for us to watch 3 people, well undress each other, this wall drew a large crowd of the basketball players in the crowd, in fact 1 possible California Rookie of the Year candidate, a recent student of the school where this list originates from(hope ya can figure out who), was very impressed at this voyeurism.

In the big sound stage, was the stage, where Prince would later play. Between the stage, and the audio/video control center, it took up half of the room. on the sides of the room were stages, where every 30 minutes or so, Mayte and her posse would come out and do some dances.

Well enough on the whole atmosphere, but you get the idea, they wanted people to mingle, and not stand at the front of the stage for 3 hours to get the best "seats" in the house. Anyway enough of that on to the details

Prince came out at about 3:15 am, there was a DJ playing Rap/R&B all nite and before prince came out, the DJ was playing some nice instrumental rap tracks, and we could hear the familar sound of a guitar playing over it. Prince did a very good job of funkin it up to the rap music. We knew this was the sign the concert was about to start. Others can give you details on his clothing, but i do know he had underwear on that on the waist band had his name( O+-> ) on it. I guess someone has been running around the Park stealing undies, so he wants everyone to know, who's draws those were!

Prince came on, and played Interactive, Days of Wild, and Now. Then a break during which, the 7 most beautiful girls in the world were brought out and the video was played. After that Prince came back and played, The Ride I Believe in U, did the band intros, asked Tevin to come up, but he didnt so Prince did Shhhh!!!(this was the moment of the show for me), as during the "Whats my name?" line, Prince got a good laugh. After Shhhh, prince took the bass, drums, and keys and jammed for a while. Then he invited a guy to play guitar from the audience up. The guy complained about the sound of the guitar he was playing(not Prince's new symbol one) and prince procced to take it, play it, and give it back, saying "just checking to see if it was working" Prince was at the piano when the guitar guy came over to ask him something, me being 5 feet from the piano, think i overheard, change the key to a B. Prince got a laugh outta this guy tellin him how to play.. Anyway, Prince told the band to stop on the 1 for a guitar solo, and the guy was up there, doing nothing, looking like a fool.

Then Prince asked for a piano player, and some guy got up and was very good. he got into it, playing with 1 hand and doing a gett off like screech into the mic. Prince also got a laugh outta this.

Prince asked for a singer, but no one came forward. Then he continued the concert with What I'd Say(ray charles) and a final Jam. I think i have written enough for now, but overall, this was a damn great time, and prince was as relaxed as i have heard or seen him ever. If you want any other details, send me email and i will try to write to list about it.


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