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Top 10 Love songs from Musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member PRINCE!

Since Prince is currently treating fans in London to some amazing concerts with his band 3RDEYEGIRL, and its valentines day why not with a list my top 10 Prince lovesongs. Its hard naturally to narrow it down to just 10 songs, from a career that has spanned 35+ years and a prolific artist who has released hundreds of songs. I tend to favor his older stuff, and I’m suure that people will say but you forgot anything in the past 20 years, well these songs are all from my formative years of being a huge fan and member of the #PrinceArmy. So you won’t find much in the last 15 years, but be sure there are some great songs from that era. These are songs that I always have in my head. Sorry to fans of recent jams like “Sticky Like Glue” or “The Dance” but these are my tastes that when I heard the lyric for the first or 754th time I simply go wow. So hopefully for yall who might need some extra inspiration on this day with your loved one, turn down the lights, light a candle and pump up some of these jams. So now in no particular order my top 10, plus an honorable mention Prince lovesongs!!

When We’re Dancing Close and Slow (Prince Self-Titled, 1979) This song is simply musically, but lyrically is just a masterpiece, here are just two of my favorite lines. This is from an album which hosts 2 songs in this list, a very performance from an early album that also includes straight out guitar jams, and a song that Chaka Khan would later make famous. If you don’t already own the full album, give it a shot as its in my top 5 of all Prince albums. Here below are 2 sample lines that are great.

“I feel your warm embrace, the softness of your face, tell me babe are We here alone?” “when we’re kissing, long and hard, I can almost taste the thoughts within your mind”

Amazon MP3 Download of the Single

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When 2 R in Love (Lovesexy/Black Album 1988) A song that appears on back to back albums, means it was just meant to be released, totally different tempo and feeling from the other songs on both Lovesexy and the Black Album it still deserves to be heard… my fave lyric from it

“Come bathe with me, let’s drown each other in each others emotions”

Amazon MP3 Album Download(sorry but single not available)

Adore (Sign of the Times, 1987) To some this is the ultimate love song, many wedding vows have used these lines. Its good that Prince has started to perform this song live as for many years after its release there was only some lucky people in a Vienna café who ever hears the emotion live and in person. To many this is his greatest showing of love in a song, to me there are so many lines to choose from.. here are 2 of my favorites.

“Until the end of time I’ll be there for you, you own my heart and mind I truly adore you” “Nothing could compare to your lovely face, do you know what I’m saying to you this evening…”

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I Love U in Me (1989, b-side to Arms of Orion and 1991 b-side to Insatiable) A song that it seems like was determined to be released, as it was a B-side(yeah you kid who never bought vinyl have no idea what that is) twice in a 2 years span. One of my best concert memories was him playing this song live at the 1995 Miami Birthday concerts that I attended. This is a gem and finally released for the masses on the Hits/B-sides 3 CD box set. My favorite lyric follows and people find the 99 cents under you couch if you have never heard it!!

“She took off her dress, I took a peek, while thunderstorms played hide and seek” I begged for a kiss, she gave me 7, our lips touched and it feel like heaven”

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The Beautiful Ones (purple rain, 1984) To me the iconic scene of the movie that made him a star to the masses, this song I have heard at countless strip clubs in the world, but they never do the emotional justice that it does in the film.. Wait you haven’t seen the film, yeah I know its 30 years old, so check it out, it might be considered a classic at some point.. but the song is just lovely musically and lyrically! Note that this song gets only 5 star reviews on amazon!

“what’s it gonna be babe, do you want him, or do you want me, cause I want you.. said I want you..” Amazon MP3 Download of the song

The Whole movie for those who have not seen a great soon to be classic

Space (Come, 1994) I am sure I will take slack for this, but this song just hits at me, and the fact it was remixed into an awesome maxi-single plus the cover photo of the album was shot in lovely Barcelona possibly one of my favorite cities in the world. The song has plenty of great lines but this is my favorite.. so when are humans going to Mars again? Sign me up

“if you and I were just 10 feet closer than I’d make you understand, that everything I want to do to your body baby I would to do to your head”

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With You (Prince ST 1979) The second single from the great album, this one is lovely in both a male voice from Prince and a women’s voice from the version done by the great Jill Jones 8 years later which is an album worth seeking out, I paid $50 for mine and had it shipped from Michigan back in the pre-ebay days and it sits proudly on my shelf.

“if at night if you’re not with me I’m scared you’re gonna leave”

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Do Me baby (Controversy 1981) This song just hits you from the beginning, this is what its about, and for the next 7+ minutes you know what is going on, its on like donkey kong! I wonder how many babies in the past 33 years have been made to this joint?

“here we are all in this big ole empty room, staring each other down, you want me just as much as I want you, let’s not fool around..”

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Scandalous Sex Suite – The Passion (Batman, 1989 maxi-single) This is a gem that hard core prince fans know about. 19 minutes of loving with Kim Basinger with honey supposedly found in places in Studio B that honey should not be found. If you wonder how Kim and Alec ”created” the lovely soon to be supermodel Ireland Baldwin, this would be a good starting point along with having great genes. Hard to find as a maxi-single my CD copy is precious and will never be sold, but only played many times.

“can we please do it, Lets do it by the mirror, so I can see what I want to see, be what I want to be” Amazon MP3 Download of the regular single (sorry remix is not in print)

Friend, Lover, Mother, Sister, Wife (Emancipation, 1996) For his first marriage Prince penned this song for his lovely wife Mayte Garcia, and I’m sure many men who are in love or in trouble with their wives need to use these words. I remember the first time playing this for a friend who then said “oh my god that is the best thing he has ever written”, well its been almost 20 years and I’m not sure he has topped it since then despite another marriage.

“air, food, water, love of my life” “and if I ever made you cry, all I have to do is think about it and I want to die”

Amazon MP3 Download of full 3CD set that has some great tracks, sorry single not available come on people 11 bucks for 36 songs!! Buy it!

Honorable Mention #11 If I Was Your Girlfriend (SOTT, 1987) Last but not least, and a song that I have heard performed live and yes it does make me move side to side, but somehow not on this top 10 list. Why? Well it would take years to break down as its from his greatest album of all time to me, Sign o the Times. oh I can see the arrows shooting at me... If you are just starting out to learn about Prince, this is a great place to do it! whatever the case listen to this one at some point in your life to understand both the male and female sex!

“We don’t have to make children to make love, and don’t have to make love to have an orgasm, your body is what I’m all about”

Amazon MP3 Download of FULL ALBUM(I say his best) And to end thank you Prince for making this great music over the years, life and love would not be the same without it!


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