Thursday, September 12, 2013

The USA are going to Brazil 2014!!! Dos a Cero against Mexico for the 4th time

So with 2 games to go in the CONCACAF qualifying campaign (October 11th home against Jamaica in Kansas City, and October 15th at Panama), the USA has clinched a spot among the 32 teams going to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The 2-0 (dos a cero) win against Rival Mexico in Columbus Ohio now seems like the normal outcome of the home qualifier against Mexico. We always play it in Ohio, and going back the last 4 cycles we always win it 2-0 (2001,2005,2009 and now 2013). This is the 7th consecutive World Cup that the USA will be a participant in, dating back to the 1990 Italy World Cup which is a run that some major soccer powers can’t say they have done (England and France missed 1994, Uruguay and Russia missed 1998, etc).

While it seems almost inevitable in the CONCACAF region with 3 guaranteed spots, plus a playoff spot and only 6 teams in the final group stage that the USA will always make it, it is always a good feeling and relief. Now for the next 9 months until June 2014 the USA can develop, harmonize, and bond as a team for a hopeful long run in the tournament. The next big obstacle coming up is the Final Draw, where all 32 teams will be paired into groups of 4, and assigned venues/dates for the games to take place. This Draw will take place on December 6th, 2013.

The USA will probably not be in the Pot A containing the host nation and the best 7 teams in the world, we will most likely be in Pot B. This means our group is going to contain one of the world powerhouse teams such as Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, etc. Going back to the 2002 World Cup we had Portugal which at the time was a world best team, 2006 we had Italy, Czech Republic and Ghana. This 2006 was probably our toughest group in recent years. 2010 was the year we won our group featuring England, Slovenia and Algeria. For 2014 we can deal with a powerhouse team, and proven in the past we draw with them (England and Italy) or beat them (Portugal), the key team to make or break us will be who comes out of Pot C, this could be a really good up and coming team (Belgium, Bosnia, Switzerland).. Still there is a good chance for us to progress out of the group.

As for the game against Mexico itself, I’m not a soccer analyst/coach/manager in anyway, just a sports fan but I know what I see. I see that Damarcus Beasley, who is one of my favorite all time USA National team players simply is not suited to play the Left Back position, we need to develop that. Without Michael Bradley who was out to injury we showed that our midfield was weak and lacking that controlling midfielder position. Jermaine Jones is highly rated by his club and national manager, but I find he turns the ball over too much, takes bad fouls and is a yellow card machine.. I would prefer to see someone else in this role. Players who I would love to see more of include Mix Diskerud, who provided the vital assist on the second goal after only being in the game for a few minutes. Also Eddie Johnson who scored our goal, and had our best chances hopefully he can have a productive year with Seattle Sounders and be in the best form for 2014, remember we took Robbie Findley and Edson Buddle to South Africa and those names have not been spoken again in terms of the US National team.

Well with 9 months to go, lets hope the USA progresses in terms of team organization and player development, I’m excited we will be in Brazil and have every plan to go and enjoy the World Cup.

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