Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amazon Kindle! Best gadget if you are traveling

Ok this post is not necessarily about beer drinking, but that is something i do hope to post about this summer as i will be mostly in New York City, but the city has opened a number of new beer gardens, some rooftop and some ground level. Outdoor drinking needs a boost in the city as all around the world it seems to be the only way to do it.

this post is about the Amazon Kindle.. On my recent trip i took one, and trust me for long plane flights, long bus rides, long anything in a foreign country when you just want to read something in English this is the device for you. its thin and light, plus it hold more books than you can ever read on a single charge that last for weeks. So if i should like i'm in the bank and a shill for Amazon, well i am.. i dont own their stock as i wish when i first saw an ipod back in 2004 i had bought apple stock. Missed the boat on those but if you want one or were thinking of getting one dont hesitate. do it


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