Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get Some Nikka Costa Funk in yo Trunk

If you have never heard of Nikka Costa, now its time for your lesson in Funk. She has been a performer all her life, from age 10 being a child star and opening for the Police in front of 200,000 in Chile, to her recent spell for the last 10 years playing rock, soul, funk, blues, you name it. Her new album comes out today entitled "Pebble to a Pearl". I have been listen and watching Nikka in concert since 2001 and since then very few if any live concert experiences has been as amazing. She puts her whole soul into the performance and her band is FONKY.

Her new album released today October 14th features 12 tracks. I must say many of the funky tracks are throwbacks to 1970s sweaty in your momma's basement funk. Be sure to check out Can't Please Everybody, Pebble to A Pearl, Cry Baby, Keep Wanting More for your workout of funk. Pick it up from Amazon for only $12.

She will be performing on Conan O'brien show airing October 16th, and also is on tour till the end of October, if she comes to your town check it out here are a list of some of the remaining dates. All shows are $25 or less for concert tickets, so even in this recession its something hopefully everyone can enjoy.
14-Oct Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room
15-Oct Orlando, FL The Social
17-Oct Atlanta, GA The Loft
19-Oct Baltimore, MD Recher Theatre
20-Oct New York, NY Webster Hall
21-Oct Philadelphia, PA World Café Live
23-Oct Boston, MA Showcase Live
24-Oct Burlington, VT Higher Ground
25-Oct Montreal, QC Saints
26-Oct Toronto, ON El Mocambo
28-Oct Chicago, IL Park West
29-Oct Milwaukee The Rave
30-Oct Minneapolis, MN Varsity

to leave you here is one of my favorite live songs that she performs back from the 2005 tour, i shot this with my digital camera in Philly. the song is On & On, from her 2005 release can't never did nuttin'. Still waiting for the day I hear this at a strip club, that girl will be happy cause i'll be doing my best Pacman Jones to make it rain.


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