Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blame it all on Gisele Bundchen!!!!!

The stock market had another bad day today, oil pushed to close to $100 a barrel, Gold closer to $100 and the US dollar continued to sink.. reason why, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her big mouth..

Seems like Gisele or her agent came out and said she did not want to be paid in US Dollars but in Euros instead. With her currently making some $33 million bucks a year, the 9.1% drop the dollar has against the Euro so far this year, would be oh just under $3 million lost, might be pocket change to the top earning supermodel of the world, but to you and me that could be our lifetime wages! Hell i'm sure Linda Evangelista who claimed to not to wake up for less than $10,000(how bout $10k in loonies you canadian hottie would that get you up?) is wishing she was born about 15 years later, as $10,000 heck I don't even think today's supermodels would bend over to pick that up on the ground, that is one time when if i was walking behind her I wouldn't mind of her not bending over for me!

Well this story made all the news, on every station from some folks calling her unpatriotic(uhh folks she is BRAZILIAN, she just earns her money and fucks her honey in the USA), to a savvy business woman.. naturally all stories got a chance to show her in her bikini, in her victoria's secret, and hey i'll do the same with a pic of her at the beach.. Just for full disclosure, Gisele is not my favorite supermodel(goes to hockey loving Karolina Kurkova), heck she is not even my favorite Brazilian supermodel, with Alessandra Ambrosio getting that nod.

Yet with that news breaking and the constant talk of how the US dollar has sunken, and boy has it ever sunken. Today we get Gold on a mad rush to $1000, probably wont even stop at $900 an ounce, Oil on its way to $100, and the US dollar setting all time lows against the Euro, Canadian Dollar and other currencies. Oh yeah and the stock market had another %2.6 percent tanking on all major averages. For anyone who travels the pain is HARSH on the currency front. Back in 2006, it was costing me about $1.27 to buy a Euro, today its $1.47 or about 15% worse. Who knows what it will be in 2008 when I get back to Europe.

So if today is the beginning of the end with major banks declaring huge losses, GM posting a ridiculous $39 BILLION dollar quarterly write-down, China saying it will think about holding so much of its foreign current reserves in dollars and move to Euros and other more "stable" currencies, we can think of the day the sky fell, as the day Gisele opened her mouth. She just stick to walking around in her thong, and making ungodly sums of money.


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