Saturday, July 21, 2007

What You Need to Know about David Beckham

Ok so Beckham-mania is hitting our shores. While I don't claim to be any expert on soccer/football, I will say that I've enjoyed watching Beckham play in the past, and seeing him in the MLS is going to be great. I'm not about to become a Los Angeles Galaxy fan cause of him, but if the game is on, I will watch it..
For those out there who have no idea or don't care about Beckham, here is a bit of information about him..
He is 32 Years old as he comes to America. While in Europe 32 might be considered over the hill/on his last legs yet the last big soccer star to invade the USA, Pele was 35 when he came to the Cosmos. Beckham has been playing professionally for almost half his life, and in the premiership since age 20, yet there is still life left in his legs i'm sure. Things you will not see while watching Beckham includes any use of his Left Foot, he is solely a one footed player. You will also not see him use his head on a ball ever. What you will see are some of the most lovely, on spot, crosses using his deadly Right Foot. Also some amazing Free Kick goals, if I was a goalkeeper in the MLS right now i'd be dreading being the first one to give up a Beckham free kick goal, as its going to make every highlight reel from now to eternity.
Sure there are more complete players, faster player, heck some might even say better looking player.. but you can't deny this guy is good, not at all past his prime. It was just last summe, he was collectively saving England's ass against Ecuador in the World Cup, with one of his trademarked wicked free kick goals. He gave everything in trying to beat Portugal, but it was those penalty kick idiots like Lampard and Gerrard who could not find the net.
The hype is unreal in the states, and don't expect him to score too much, as its not his game, he is not a pure striker like a Drogba, or even Theirry Henry will score more than Becks.. but man oh man those Corners, Crosses and Free Kicks are wicked.. just check out any of the thousand of YouTube compliations..

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